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Welcome to New Jersey

No description

Chase Sattgast

on 7 January 2015

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Transcript of Welcome to New Jersey

My state become a state exactly 347 years from December 18 ( 1787)

Population is 8,899,339

New Jersey farms blueberies, cranberries, ad peaches.

New Jersey manufactures cars.
Landforms and Waterways
New Jersey mainly has mountains and hills for landforms.
Welcome to New Jersey
By: Chase Sattgast
Chris Christie
Trenton is the capital of New Jersey
84,349 is the population of Trenton
12 federal representatives
The hottest month is July, the coldest months are Janurary and Feburary

New Jersey mines for iron.
New Jersey doesnt have bodies of water in it but its next to the Atlantic ocean
People like to travel to Casino Pier and Liberty State park
People like to hike and see hoe farming is done in New Jersey
New Jersey has the New Jersey Devils
Famous people in New Jersey
Judy Bloom, Elizabeth Gillies, Robert Blake, and Vivian Blaine all lives in New Jersey.
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