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Early Typewriter & Keyboarding History

By: Justin M Justin B Vanessa L

vanessa lukasik

on 11 February 2011

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Transcript of Early Typewriter & Keyboarding History

Early Typewriter & Keyboarding History who invented the first typewriter? Christopher Latham Sholes A U.S. mechical engineer invented the first practical modern typewriter in 1866 partners were S.W. Soule and G.Glidden in 1866 The invention was patented in 1868 what did it look like?
Justin M
Justin B &
Vanessa L who invented the first commercial typewriter? Christopher Latham Sholes How have typewriters changed overtime? The typewriter used to be set up in alphabetical order layout and then they changed it to QWERTY layout, so the common keys were spread apart so the keys wouldn’t jam as much. How have typewriters changed overtime? ch. What does the term "digraph" mean? How does it relate to typing and the keyboard? Digraph means~Two signs or characters combined to express a single articulated sound ; as ea in heador th in bath
Diagraphs close toghether used often, would result in jaming of keys What is the Sholes Keyboard?
What is another name for it? The Sholes keyboard was a keyboard that rearranged the keyboard so that the commonest letters were not to close together, and the type bars could come from opposite directions, so they wouldn’t clash and cause the typewriter to jam.
There new arrangement of keyboard was called the QWERTY keyboard that people use today.
The name came from the first six letters in the second row on English language computer and typewriter keyboards. And is also the computer we use today.
Partners were S.W. Soule and G.Glidden in 1866 Dr. August Dvorak, and William Dealy developed the Dvorak keyboard in 1936, it was referred to as the simple keyboard, or simplified keyboard people say that the Dvorak keyboard resulted in faster typing because of the placement of letters on the keyboard. But originally the goal with the Dvorak keyboard was to increase speed by alternating between hands to type each letter. What is the Dvorak keyboard?
How is it differnt from the Sholes keyboard? The Dvorak keyboard was a keyboard with a different layout in the keys than the QWERTY keyboard. What are the Pro's and Con's of each type of keyboard? Dvorak Sholes easier to learn keymap is carefully adaptive to some have trouble typing letter combinations most people usually mistype words more frequently most people use this type of keyboard alot harder to learn than the Dvorak keyboard Which keyboard do we use in our class? All schools in the Unites States use the QWERTY keyboard but in most of the other countrys use Dvorak
We use QWERTY because for most people it would be hard to transition to Dvorak
An example would be how many other countrys use the metric system and we dont Which keyboard is the most popular and most widely used? the Sholes keyboard is the most popular in the United States, but the Dvorak is most popular in the World The Sholes keyboard is the most widely used in the Unites States and the Dvorak is most widely used in the World The end
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