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Self Image

No description

Grace Mongelli

on 7 September 2014

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Transcript of Self Image

As of August 1st there are 150,000,000 photos under the hashtag "selfie" on Instagram and 278,000,000 under "me"
Talking about self image will not change your self image
Your self image is personal, and it is no one else's business how you think of yourself
Going out and doing things that make you happy will
According to Rader Programs teen girls are more afraid of gaining weight than getting cancer, losing their parents or nuclear war
Media and self image
Grace mongelli
what is self image?
Self image is how you think of yourself. It is defined by what you look like and what other people say about you. What you own, who your parents are and your thoughts and ideas all determine who you are, which influences your self image.
Because of this Kim Kardashian is on the cover of every magazine and most Americans could not say who the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is (John G. Roberts). Not surprisingly, people have become obsessed with superficial celebrity "news" where self image and what you look like is the most important thing. These warped ideals have been translated from T.V. shows to real life.
Given all of that, why are we still talking about self image?
Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and all other similar websites have made privacy almost completely nonexistent in most people's lives. Social media lets you choose what other people see in your (not so) private life. It is tempting to make your life look perfect online, and seeing other people's "perfect" lives online will inevitably make some people feel badly about their own lives. Since social media is a relatively new craze, feeling insecure due to it is an even newer phenomenon. People are obsessing over it because it is new, but it is just another part of a changing world that people will have to adjust to.
People love to blame things on "society". People complain about how people are portrayed in the media and how "society" sets unrealistic standards on how people should look and act. What they fail to realize is that they are society. If people have an issue with self image or the media they should fix it instead of blaming "society". Instead, people continue to blame their self image problems on a vague term rather than just fixing it, which just inflames the issue.
climate change
antibiotic resistant diseases
Israel and Palestine
Russia and Ukraine
Malaysia Airlines
You can find an article about self image in every magazine in America. There are pieces talking about people's lack of self esteem and an equally large selection saying that people are all too fascinated with themselves. Why are people so obsessed with self image, and is it as important as everyone thinks?
Compared to countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia the United States is pretty isolated from the rest of the world. Our two neighbors, Mexico and Canada, cause few major problems. In comparison when something happens in Europe, every country in the European Union is involved. Besides for the fact that the countries are all connected politically, they are physically so close together that when something happens to one country, it affects all of its neighbors. The same thing goes in the more turbulent Middle East. When Israel and Palestine are launching rockets at each other all of the neighboring countries are on high alert. In America, we can sympathize with these foreign problems but they do not directly affect the average American immediately so they are not given the amount of attention they deserve. Because of this the media focuses a lot of it's attention on more minor domestic issues, like self image which makes it seem like a more major problem than it really is.
america is A celebrity obsessed nation
Social media
physically far away from the rest of the world
Things to worry about other than if you look bad in that instagram post
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