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Jack the Ripper

A basic Ripper project.

Than G

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Jack the Ripper

By Than and Evan Jack the Ripper Jack the Ripper The Killings The Letters My suspect
"Dr." Francis Tumblety My suspect of being
Jack the Ripper Handwritings Bibliographies The story of Jack the Ripper is possibly one of the most infamous serial killings in the world. Yet, even with all the publicity, the killer was never found There was a noticeable modus operandi, or pattern with the five confirmed killings of Jack the Ripper, most of them being strangled, and then usually (with the exception of Elizabeth Stride) mutilated and organs sometimes removed. Not only was Jack the Ripper eluding the police of London and getting away with murder, there were also many letters, supposedly sent from him, although only one can be completely authenticated to be from him; the Mr. Lusk letter.
The reason this was more considered than the others was that it was sent with half a kidney preserved in Ethanol. It was the presumed kidney of Catherine Eddowes. My suspect is an Irish-American self-taught doctor who posed as an Indian Herb doctor in the United States. When he'd get caught though, he'd make frequent trips to London to wait for things to cool off (He did this once even because he was charged for being connected to the Lincoln assassination). One of these trips was in Fall, 1888, the time of the murders. yeah Whitechapel, 1888 Whitchapel was an overcrowded, urban area in London with many immigrants and residents in poverty. Many women in this area became addicted to alcohol and prostitutes, the targeted victim of Jack the Ripper. The First death was of Mary Nichols, who was choked and her neck had been cut open by a knife. Found on August 31st, 1888 Then came the Murder of Annie Chapman. She was murdered much the same way, choked first and then her neck had been slashed by a knife. But instead of leaving it at that, Jack the Ripper had also jaggedly cut her open and removed her uterus also. The cheap rings she wore were also taken off. Found September 8th, 1888 There then was the "double murder" of both Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes. They were both found within an hour of each other. Elizabeth Stride had only had a knife cut to the throat, most likely because it appeared that Jack was interrupted, because the killing was next to a busy pub. Catherine Eddowes, however, and not only her torso mutilated, but her face also. Her nose, uterus and tips of her earlobes had been cut off. Her kidney had also been taken out and sent to police as a "gift". Found, September 30th, 1888 The last confirmed killing of Jack the Ripper was the death of Mary Jane Kelly. She was killed indoors and the subject spent a lot of time at the scene. Mary Kelly was alomst skinned, and hardly recognizable when found in her apartment. Found, November 9th, 1888 Mary Nichols Annie
Chapman Elizabeth Stride Catherine Eddowes Mary Jane Kelly Dr. Thomas - a doctor who was responsible for fatally poisoning several of his patients in 1881 - resumed killing after being released from prison and was hanged - last words were reported of
being... "I am Jack..." Birthplace: Scotland Place of Education: London - he was imprisoned during the killings, but others believed that he either bribed officials to let him out early or left a look a like. My suspect is a Scottish doctor who was educated in London but was put in jail and later hanged Motive Francis Tumblety had much motive to be the killer, as reports say he once almost married his fiance who turned out to be a prostitute, leading to Francis Tumblety's hatred of women and prostitutes. Circumstances Dr. Francis Tumblety was in London from June, 1888 to late November, 1888 when he fled to France under different charges. He also most likely was in the Whitechapel area where desperate people would fall for his "Indian herbs" practice. Ability Even though Jack the Ripper's attacks were rough and imprecise, he had an idea of human anatomy. This would lead people to believe that he was self-taught with some medical experience. This is exactly what Francis Tumblety was, because he had a little experience from his practice as a Indian herb Dr. He was also so crazed that he kept a collection of uterus's that he organized according to social class. "csiop.org." http://www.csiop.org/si/show/was_a_quack_doctor_jack_the_ripper/. N.p.. Web. 30 Oct 2012. "casebook.org." http://www.casebook.org/victims/polly.html. N.p.. Web. 30 Oct 2012 "jack-the-ripper.org." http://www.jack-the-ripper.org/jack-the-ripper-victim-mary-nichols.htm. N.p.. Web. 30 Oct 2012. Another clue to Francis Tumblety were the letters "casebook.org." http://www.casebook.org/ripper_letters/. N.p.. Web. 30 Oct 2012. "fbi.gov." http://vault.fbi.gov/Jack the Ripper/Jack the Ripper Part 1 of 1/view. N.p.. Web. 30 Oct 2012. Accents If Jack the Ripper wrote like he pronounced, words like tother, prasarved, and mishter all have an irish accent. Dr. Francis Tumblety himself was an Irish-American. From hell.
Mr Lusk,
I send you half the Kidne I took from one woman and prasarved it for you tother piece I fried and ate it was very nise. I may send you the bloody knif that took it out if you only wate a whil longer

Catch me when you can Mishter Lusk Both Jack The Ripper and Francis Tumblety had much of the same handwriting, both making two kinds of loops, one that goes all the way into the next line, while the other is sharp and angular. Both are unusual ways to write. They also both made unusual connections with capital I's. Jack the Ripper. Sep,16 2009. A&ETelevisionNetworkWeb. 31 Oct 2012 Case Solved?
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