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CLIL/Content-based learning

No description

Pernille Wittendorff

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of CLIL/Content-based learning

CLIL/Content-based learning
What is CLIL and why use it?
Why and how do we use CLIL?
Pros'n cons
European commission's definition:

"Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), in which pupils learn a subject through the medium of a foreign language……".

CLIL Principles:

1. Using cross curricular content for language learning, e.g. science, geography or history.

2. Focus on both content and language.

3. Teaching through communication, not for it.

4. Providing a natural context for language study.

Motivation - authentic communication
-> Relevant content - means to an end

Clear language goals/objectives
Top down approach


Academic use
Language acquisition -exposure
First language?
Compatible with Fælles mål?
Language barrier

How would we use it?
- in English class
- projectwork
CLIL and language acquisition theories.
Communicative approach

Natural acquisition
- The Innatist perspective/universal grammar

Cognitive skills

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