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No description

ayushi kalyani

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of MOM

Angel! People who won't make it without you!
I'm so thankful to Maa! That she bought my angel to the world! Always take care of her baby she is an angel herself!
I know you're in many ways like him, he'll be the person, where ever you'll go, whatever you become into, will always be ready to give u his hand! Always keep him in your heart!
Kedar <3
He's cute little brat! You are his role model! Well he's been missing your company a lot these days and I know how much he is attached to you. Baby please don't forget to give him his part of attention?! Promise? He's your tiny little brother who wants you by his side!
Idk much about your relationship but I know you'll be a brother who'll be like "hurt her and you're dead" :P
Isn't it awesome to have a sister? Someone to fight with, someone who'll always keep screaming mumma Raj did this did that! or you do that? :P
Family :D
And me?

Well its always us,
Ayushi is incomplete without her zoyu!
Will You be with me forever?

I love you very very much, and I need you by my side!
So I propose you one more time!
But Please take me?
I make mistakes and I'm possessive cause I can't lose u to someone else :|
To be in your better and your worst

To make up for all my mistakes

To shift the focused spotlight over to you and understand your problems.
I Promise:
No one in the whole world can love more than I do
And yes,
no one in the whole world
but you can love me the
way I want!
But you are the angel to my life,
Sunshine of my eyes!
You make me feel beautiful, loved and something which I have never felt before, something that no1 but you can give to me!
I know you won't believe
You're special baby
I'll give you all you want
just trust me, I might take long, but I'll understand!
I'll make sure that you get Ayushi you wanted!
The same, unique herself, but more understanding
and accepting! I know I have the best,
But All I do is expect more out of everyone
I'll try and keep our relationship safe,
hold it tight with both of my hands and
I plan to never let go!


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