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How To Win Website Clients...

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Mike Wuchterl

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of How To Win Website Clients...

The Journey to
Winning Websites...

Where do website clients come from?
Cold Calling - (no blind calling)

Web Leads

Direct Referrals

Converting Radio Clients
Meeting is booked. Foot is in the door.... now what?
Business Website - navigation, layout, design, content, age, etc...

Local Directory Listings - keywords, competitors, back-links...

Blog - Relative, Informative, Consistency...

Social Media Presence - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube...

Google + - keyword summary, profile 100%, ratings, reviews...

Complete Analysis Continued...
2) Search directly for products/services specific to locations served:

ex. 'Machine Manufacturer Leduc'

Machine Shop, CNC Plasma Cutting, CNC Machining, etc...

Leduc, Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Nisku, St Albert, Beaumont, Mill Woods, etc...
North, South, West, East.
Quick Social Media Review
3) What SOCIAL PLATFORMS are currently being utilized?

- Provide Detailed Recommendations:
Contests, Incorporate Images, Cross Promotion Ideas, Suggest Relative Content, Exclusive Social Offers, etc.

- No Social Presence?
Recommend relative platforms they could be utilizing:
-Facebook - Educate, Entertain, Engage, Community, Relative Content, etc.
-Twitter - Fast Pace, Conversational, Fish For Leads, Volume & Repetition, etc
-LinkedIn - Professional Networking, Decision Makers & Sales Specific, etc
-YouTube - How-to Videos, Meet Our Team, Testimonials, Product Demos, etc

*(YouTube video content can be used across all platforms.)*

1) Search directly for the business & locations served:
(ex. Procam Machine & Manufacturing Leduc )

...Complete Online Analysis...

...Do your homework!
Meeting Booked
Homework Completed

Let The Client Talk 1st
-Current online marketing?
-What do you Dislike/like?
-Immediate Concerns?

Present Solution

1. Client CNA Worksheet – Completed by client and/or rep.

2. Immediate Checklist: (enables proof #1)

· High Quality logo

· Business Name, Contact Info

· Detailed list of content pages (5-25)

· Images for content pages

· Reference URL’s – examples of websites

· Website features – Specific homepage requests, blogs, social media integration,
Video integration, etc.
3 Proofing Stages – (approx time frame 1-2+ months)

- 1st phase – proof of home screen (static image) – approve main design and layout

- Production phase – approve navigation and content page order

- Final phase – work on getting all the content and pages 100% organized

Turn it LIVE!

· Schedule day for back end website training

· Screen sharing session

· Detailed instructions/notes provided

· 1st year troubleshooting (smooth transition)
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