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Run-ons, Fragments and Comma Splice

No description

Naomi Shin

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Run-ons, Fragments and Comma Splice

Run-ons,Fragments and Comma Splice
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
A run-on sentence is two independent clauses that have been run together without an appropriate conjunction and/or mark of punctuation between them.
I don't play tennis well I have a very poor backhand.
What is a run-on sentence?
Because of my dog.
Examples of Fragments:
Examples of run-on sentences:
Run-On Sentence Quiz:
A group of words that begins with a capital letter and ends with a period, question mark, or exclamation point but is grammatically incomplete. (Also known as a sentence fragment or verbless sentence.)
What is a Fragment?
3rd Academic
Mrs. Brumfield
By: Naomi Shin

Ways to correct run-on sentences:
Make it into two simple sentences. Put a period at the end of the first subject and verb group.
A semicolon can then be used to divide two sentences that may be very closely related in meaning
Using a comma and a coordinating conjunction to join the sentences together.
Fragments Quiz:
Fragments are incomplete thoughts.
What is a comma splice?
A comma splice is two independent clauses separated by a comma instead of a period or semicolon.
Examples of Comma Splice:
We hiked for three days, we were very tired.
(comma splice)
Comma Splice Quiz:
Jim got a dog for his birthday, it was very cute.
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I don't play tennis well, because I have a very poor backhand.
It was a beautiful day today there was not a cloud in the sky.
It was a beautiful day; there was not a cloud in the sky.
Jane is a sweet girl, she really loves animals.
Jane is a sweet girl. She really loves animals.
John went to buy groceries Sue stayed home.
John went to buy groceries, but Sue stayed home.
Label whether or not these are run-on sentences:
These sentences have incomplete ideas and end too quickly.
How to tell if it is a fragment sentence:
It is incomplete because it is either a phrase or a dependent clause.
lacks a verb or is not a complete idea
*Just because the sentence is short, it does not mean it is a fragment.*
Because of my dog, I could not turn in my homework.
Unless you see me.
Unless you see me, don't call my name.
Since you bought the plane tickets
Since you bought the plane tickets, I will pay for the hotel.
Under the bed.
The socks were under the bed.
Though they are often treated as errors in traditional grammar, comma splices may be used deliberately to create a rhetorical effect of speed, excitement, informality, or confusion.
May often be confused with run-on sentences.
advice about comma splices:
ways to fix comma splices:
Change the comma to a period and capitalize the next word.
Change the comma to a semicolon.
Change the comma to a semicolon and add a conjunctive adverb.
Add a coordinating conjunction before the second independent clause.
Change one independent clause to a dependent clause.
We hiked for three days. We were very tired.
We drank 30 cans of soda, we were very energetic.
(comma splice)
We drank 30 cans of soda; hence, we were very energetic.
Heavy rain fell throughout the night, by morning every major road was flooded.
(comma splice)
Heavy rain fell throughout the night, so by morning every major road was flooded.
John studied hard for the test, he failed it anyway.
(comma splice)
John studied hard for the test, but he failed it anyway.
answer with T/F
answer key: 1)T 2)T 3)F 4)F 5)T
I like to cook I made cookies.
My mother is great at cooking, so I learned from her.
My brother is only good at sports he can't cook to save his life.
I would like to go to culinary school, but it will be difficult.
Sally is a sweet girl because she looks after her little brother.
answer key: 1) run-on 2)complete 3)run-on 4)complete 5)complete
Fragments are either a phrase or a dependent clause.
Fragments express a complete thought.
Fragments lack an adjective.
Fragments lack a verb in the sentence.
Label the sentence complete sentence or comma splice.
Emma studied hard for her test, so she got an A on it.
Julie is good at tennis, sometimes misses the ball.
Jamie is very smart, but she sometimes is very crazy.
Because the socks were under the bed, Suzie could not wear them.
answer key: 1)complete 2) comma splice 3) comma splice 4)complete 5)complete
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