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OCPS Code of Conduct per 7

period 7

Elana Collins

on 20 August 2014

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Transcript of OCPS Code of Conduct per 7

OCPS Code of Conduct
Level IV Infractions
Level IV acts of misconduct are the most serious. Any Level IV act is grounds for expulsion and will result in a mandatory 10-day suspension with consideration for a recommendation for expulsion.

Major acts of misconduct must be reported right away to the school administrator and may result in immediate removal of the student from the school.
arson (mandatory referral to the appropriate agency)
threats to employees, volunteers, or students
battery of employees, contracted personnel, volunteers, or students
bomb threats/explosions
firearms (mandatory recommendation for expulsion for a minimum of one year)
inciting, leading, or participating in any act which substantially disrupts the orderly conduct of school or a school function
larceny/theft ($300 or over)
other weapons
repeated misconduct of a more serious nature
sexual battery
sexual harassment
sexual offenses
violation of early re-entry plan
motor vehicle theft
vandalism ($1000 or over)
parental contact (mandatory)
mandatory 10-day suspension from school with consideration of a recommendation for expulsion/removal for grades 6-12
assignment/referral to alternative program/school
referral to appropriate agency mandatory for arson
referral to substance abuse program for first time drug or alcohol violations
expulsion from the school district
temporary or permanent removal from participation in extracurricular/co-curricular programs or activities
Level IV
Tomorrow we will conclude reviewing the OCPS Code of Student Conduct. Please sign (both you and your parent/guardian) the acknowledgement form and return it to your first period teacher no later than Monday, August 25, 2014.
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