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04.07 Movie Matinee

No description

David Fernandez

on 26 April 2017

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Transcript of 04.07 Movie Matinee

04.07 Movie Matinee
By: David Fernandez
You can find me in peanut
butter. Peanut butter is sweet and tasty. For a snack, you can make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, dip fruits into peanut butter, crackers, waffles, pancakes and chocolate. You can make a tasty snack with peanut butter! Yum!
Hello kids! My name is Pia Protein.
I am here to talk to you about eating
foods that contain protein. I do most of
the work to keep your bodies energized and
healthy. What is protein? Protein

is an important nutrient humans need
to help build and repair body tissues. It helps
your bodies function and makes you a strong
Protein keeps your belly full,
too. Kids, chicken contains protein. Chicken contains a lot of protein, is low in fat and protein is important to make you strong. Grilled chicken, which is made on the barbeque, is less fattening than regular chicken.

Kids, don't forget to include milk in your diet! Not only does milk contain protein, it also contains vitamin D and calcium. Milk is needed to grow strong bones, muscles and teeth.
Lean Meat
Shrimp, Cereal
and Fruits
Kids, meat is high in protein and contains
other nutrients as well. Meat also contains
vitamin B, zinc and iron, which are all
nutrients and vitamins the body needs.
Meat makes a good combination with green
veggies, salad or beans, which are also high
in protein. Don't forget to add meat to your
Kids, shrimp is tasty and full
of protein! Best of all, shrimp
contain very little bit of fat
and carbohydrates. I am also in your favorite cereals and fruits! All kids love cereal.

So if you want to get strong, eat
In the next slides, you will see foods you can find me in.
a strong kid.
plenty of protein.
That's it, kids! This is
Pia Protein saying eat healthy and make sure to get all your daily vitamins and exercise daily. Being healthy is important.
Until next time!
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