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Holly's Professional (& Personal) Timeline

No description

Holly West

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Holly's Professional (& Personal) Timeline

& Personal
Holly's Professional Timeline
Graduated from VA Tech
Balance between academia & personal life
Professional Presentations:
Developing a Social Influence Survey
Examining the Effects of a Raffle on Fraternity Party Drinking
Social Influence Profiles of Undergraduate University Students
Study abroad in Newcastle, Australia 2002
2 Part-time jobs during senior year
Graduation trip to Florida
Assistant Manager flagship store
Redesigned interviewing process to include group interviews to accommodate seasonal mass hiring
On-boarded staff
Facilitated interactive new-hire training, including hard skills and sales
Insight into labor and gross margins
Managed staff ongoing sales performance
Owner & Manager
Moved to Memphis
Fell in love with Beale Street & southern hospitality
Discovered SMART Goals
Facilitated "Safety" program
Decreased crisis situations by 98% through team building & performance management
What I Learned
I can't personally make a difference to my clients without first making a difference to my team. By supporting my team, I made the biggest possible difference to the kids in our care.

P.S. I still love SMART Goals. They gave me the framework to manage my staff individually (and my own goals) in a meaningful way. Little did I know this was actually my introduction to Situational Leadership...
What I Learned
The key to selling something is not just 'answering a need', it's making an emotional connection for the customer towards the product. For me as manager, sometimes it was my job to help make the employee feel connected to the job. Folding clothes can seem like a menial activity, but when you frame it as, "YOUR work represents the brand and makes people feel welcomed into the store," it makes all the difference.

After this message was incorporated into the training, we noticed new-hires with sincere smiles when asking, "How can I help you?"

Employee Engagement = Productivity = Bottom line
Deepwood Veterinary Clinic
Specialized Services
Moved back to VA
Assisted obtaining permits for new clinic building
Hung drywall, painted, and painted
Assisted in coordinating doctor/client visits
Designed front desk performance appraisal forms
Designed marketing campaign for "Hurricane Katrina Animal Adoption Program"
What I Learned
Moving my aunt's practice from a double-wide trailer to a multimillion dollar facility was my first significant experience with change management.

Since I was a family member, I was able to see it's impact not just as an employee, but from the owner's perspective. That's when I decided to help organize a "retraining" for the front desk attendants and designed the performance appraisal (PA) system.

After the training and the PA's were in place, staff reported feeling more supported and management was confident in the staff.

Change is tough. Making sure you stay connected and are transparent with those responsible for executing change, your staff, in addition to daily operations is even more arduous...but it must be done.
and other duties as assigned...
That's code for: I helped out anywhere I could for the family business.
Executed business plan that resulted in $1M in sales in 13 months to $1.6M in 2010
Leveraged social media and traditional marketing to establish brand image
Established training practices for customer service staff
Achieved a turnover rate of 37% versus national average of 82%
Loved working with the staff so much that I sold my shares to fund grad school
What I Learned
Our goal was to create a neighborhood pub where everyone was welcomed. Chatham Tap is located in a diverse neighborhood, so hiring open-minded people was a must. However, defining ourselves past "neighborhood pub" was something that took a bit more time and creativity (and stubbornness).

Over the course of one soccer season, we established ourselves as Indy's premier soccer bar (NUVO even created a Best Of category for us). This took more than just publishing game times on the table tents--it took opening at 7am every Saturday and Sunday and developing a soccer culture. I picked a team and got excited about it and taught the servers basic rules of soccer so they could understand the game and get in on the fans' conversations.

By the time World Cup rolled around in 2010, Chatham Tap was THE place to watch soccer in Indiana. We rented out a portion of the Cultural Trail and the venue next door. All three venues were booked out any time USA played...what an impact Chatham Tap had on creating a soccer following in Indiana!
Visited Australia for 2 months
Highlights included:
Visiting friends in Newcastle
The Red Center
3-Day SCUBA diving trip
How Chatham Tap changed my life...
I met my now husband during an EPL game...we bonded over Chelsea, and the rest was history!
My first trip to England was in 2009
I met my boyfriend's family, celebrated Christmas and attended a derby, Chelsea v Fullham.

Chelsea won 2-1, in case you were wondering, and we successfully avoided the hooligans.
Industrial-Organizational Psychology Masters Candidate
Moved to Chicago
I chose this school because it was hands-on: all the instructors were practitioners in their field
Students had the opportunity to work on real case studies
Internships were available at various organizations; I took part in a non-profit, a global manufacturing organization, and a boutique management consulting firm
La Casa Norte
Organizational Development Intern
Non-profit undergoing major growth and needed of help supporting their people
Conducted a 'cultural survey' to evaluate alignment of staff to mission and values
Designed a standardized performance appraisal system that provided cohesion and support to the growing org
Chicago, IL
Indianapolis, IN
Organizational Development Intern
Navigated a matrix organization
Communicated with people from UK, Canada, US, and Brazil to assess current state of Logistics job roles
Presented recommendations for talent management strategies to the Business Excellence Global Group
Monar Consulting
Chicago, IL
Management Consulting Intern
Assisted in instructional design for Strategic Planning workshop for international audience
Created revenue stream by coaching Millennial Generation clients
Performed a needs assessment to design workflow processes
June, 2012
Holly Vande Linde, MA
Yes, those two words were my last name...
Wedding Date: September 1 2012
You can call me Mrs. West, MA :)
That's a much shorter and easier to pronounce last name!
Honeymoon in the Dominican Republic
SCUBA diving in Caribbean Sea
Zip lining through the rainforest
Dominican Coffee!!!
Party in the UK over Christmas to celebrate with the English extended family
Bought a house with my fiance
We closed just 3 weeks before the wedding
People Consultant, Owner
Conducted needs assessment for change management project for non-profit
Designed and facilitated time management skills training
Implemented communications platform to increase workflow effectiveness
Collaborating with a partner to create a learning tool to bring to market
Go Blues!
What I Learned
Each industry works differently, but certain aspects of training never change: The needs assessment is your most valuable tool.

When leading a change management project at Saint Mary, we identified time management as an area for development. Since 'time management' can mean different things to different people, I sent everyone a survey that measured different aspects of time management. During the next meeting, we debriefed the survey as a group and talk about areas of strength and opportunity for managing time. Together we identified three areas for improvement: Goal Setting, Procrastination, and Managing Interruptions.

After the three-part workshop, the staff reported they never had more success as a group. Everyone was cognizant of their time management goals and encouraged others to improve.

Never underestimate the power of asking the right questions!
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