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Caesar's English II Lessons 7 & 8

No description

Sierra Benton

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Caesar's English II Lessons 7 & 8

Caesar's English 2 Lessons 7 & 8 amat love As in...amorous, amateur,
amity luna moon As in...lunar, lunatic,
sublunar greg group As in...congregate
gregarious clam cry out As in...clamor, exclamation
declaim tang touch As in...tangle, tangible
tangent oblique indirect
or slanting The light shone obliquely
through the window. pensive thoughtful Harry was quite pensive
when he used Dumbledore's
pensieve. magnanimous generous The magnanimous man
left a large donation. importune to pester The little boy importuned his father to buy
him Lucky Charms at the grocery store. peremptory imperious,
arrogant He gave a peremptory look to the young students.
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