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Francine Rosales

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Francine Rosales Christianity in China Main Purpose Explain how although the government is trying to stop the practice of the religion Christianity in China the people are still doing it . The main purpose is to explain how the number of chinese christians are increasing and how they are finally being allowed to practice their believes and more are starting to show their religion. Key Questions Why is the government not allowing chineses citizens to practice Christian beliefs?
What religion is causing major problems between the Communist party and chinese christians?
How are chinese Christians reacting to the governments actions?

Main inference We can infer that the governemnt finds religion is a threat to the country and that they find religion is second in their eyes.
We can also infer that chinese christians believe Jesus will save them and help them . Most important Concept They belief that trust leads to a good econmoy which can save China.
Chinese Christians believe that these 30 years will be the age of Gospel.
Religion belongs to the people.Over 4000 chinese citizens are christians.
Key ideas Chinese christians believe that their religion teaches them trust which leads to finacial sucess which lastly leads to a better economy.
Chinese christians believe that they have constitutaional rights and are allowed to practice any religion they want.
Over the years Chinese christainas are being allowed to practice their relgion and more people are converting and showing their religion more openingly.
Some chinese christians would rather pray in underground churchs than be in a church by the government. Main assumptions Take it serious or as a joke? Main Points The thinking of the author is sympathetic and understanding.
The author seems concerned. That many chinese people struggle on a daily base to have the freedom to practice any religion .
If we take it as a joke than we assume that it is not a big deal. That chinese christians are finally allowed to practice their religion as long as the government permits it after all the years of struggling.
That many chinese christians still practice their beliefe secretly underground.
For years the Communist party has tryed to control religion and most of the time punish those who practice christianity secretly.
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