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UKMTB.org Presentation

Introduction to UKMTB.org the UK's newest Mountain Bike Organisation - It's Vision, Mission and Strategy going forward

Ian Warby

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of UKMTB.org Presentation

“Out there with you”

Ian Warby
Richard Kelly

Core team

Jason Frost
The team so far……

To be the home of information, advice and support for the UK Mountain Bike scene and the home of information and knowledge for our community


Enable mountain-bikers to enjoy riding more through the creation and development of a riders organisation, driven by an online free membership allowing inter-action, communication, personal development, motivation, campaigning, trail-building and increased access and an excellent understanding of the issues and challenges

Vision and Mission

To promote and develop mountain biking in the UK through:

Supporting professionals and volunteers working in the sector, to develop more opportunities for mountain biking and for mountain bikers

Working with clubs and groups to support mountain bike development and access to mountain biking

Promoting more opportunities for mountain biking and mountain bikers in the UK

Increasing the profile and growing the appeal of the UK as a premier mountain bike destination…

Key objectives….

“UKMTB.org” will invest and support mountain bike projects which deliver direct benefits back to the mountain bike community through providing advice, supporting trail building, training and provision of equipment

Build an online membership database of riders to gauge their satisfaction levels and understand their real issues and needs from the sector and to direct the development of the organisation

Maximise social media and existing partner databases via our Founding Partners to achieve a minimum reach of 80,000 riders and sign-up 40,000 members in our first year


We are creating a website communication hub to make it easy for investors, partners and supporters to interact

The company is registered as a CIC (community interest company) which means we qualify to trade as a .org

Our not-for-profit status means that our partners enjoy particular tax advantages and can include their support of us in their CSR budgets??

We will publish annual accounts which will be available to view by all
Business Model
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