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toshiro acay

on 26 September 2014

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J.CO Donuts & Coffee is a lifestyle cafe retailer in Indonesia specializing in donuts, coffee and frozen yogurt. It was founded by Johnny Andrean known as a successful businessman salon. J.CO Donuts & Coffee opened their first store in Lippo Karawaci, Indonesia In June 26, 2005.

After 7 years of continued operation, J.CO enters the Philippines market and opened it first branch in SM Megamall. Chairman of manufacturer of Oishi foods, Carlos Chan and Mang Inasal Chairman, Edgar Sia started J. CO donuts in the Philippines.

J CO Donuts is attractive to people not only to working guys and girls out there but also to teens, moms, and dads and also to the senior citizens. This newly open donuts and coffee store is very catchy in the eye of the people.
Theoretical Framework

Conceptual Framework

Scope and Limitation

The scope of the study covers the analysis of the acceptance of J.co product in Binondo,Lucky Chinatown . This study contains various information and analysis in determining the acceptability of J.co product through survey and interview. To be conducted by the researchers, the respondents of this study will mainly be the customer J.co.


Our limit is to determine if the J.co product is acceptable to the customers of J.co in Binondo, Lucky Chinatown.

Significance of the Study
The study of our research basically focuses on the market acceptance of the J.co product that can provide useful understanding about consumers. This study will be essential to the following:

J.co – to improve some of the weaknesses, once the study is done

Customer –who are very much in love with J.co and to have a better understanding why J.co easily accepted in the market

Student-this study will serve as stepping stone for their better future especially in researching.

Employee – make deep information through having background knowledge about the product to make them a good employee.

Statement of the problem

This paper intends to answer the following question:

I. Demographic Profile
1. Age
2. Gender
3. Education
4. Status
5. Occupation

Problem and Its Background

“(The) Marketing Mix is the set of controllable variables that the firm can use

to influences buyer’s response’’

(Philip kotler ,1967)
This study rely on the above theory by Philip kotler as these four variables help a
company develop a unique selling point as well as a brand image.
Definition of Terms
J.Co Donuts & Coffee- is a lifestyle cafe retailer in Indonesia specializing in donuts, coffee and frozen yogurt.

Ambiance- the character and
atmosphere of a place.

Acceptability- satisfactoriness by virtue of conforming to approved standards.


Foreign Literature
Product innovation
Dody wirasetu (2012) in his article in bakerymagazine.com discussed that the product innovation donut, each 2 months J.Co Donut and Coffee are always new products. Now J.Co Donut and Coffee also helped develop all coffee products under the name J.Coffee with a new flagship product is Crème Brulee Latte and Hola Frutta. This is not a part of the coffee that has become part of the lifestyle of the people of Indonesia. They want to provide coffee to customers so they not only getting a quality product only but also a variety of products ranging from dounuts ,coffee ,yogurt . . As for his own coffee beans J.Co Donuts and Coffee uses Arabica coffee beans choice of several places in the world and processed oriented Italian style. All coffee beans are used by J.Co Donuts and Coffee is roasting results in Italy.
Tiket .com (n.a) discussed that not only delicious, all products of J.CO Donuts & Coffee served in beautiful looks that are very tempting. If you pass one of J.CO Donuts & Coffee outlet, then you will enjoy the smell of delicious flavor of warm donuts from their open kitchen. All kinds of Donuts & Coffee J.CO’s products have a beautiful visual appearance according to the representation of each unique flavor of each product. J.CO Donuts & Coffee has high commitment in choosing healthy ingredients for their products, such as almond contains high protein, vitamin E, antioxidant, and calcium; dark chocolate that contains hign anti-oxidant: cheese that brings. Calcium and protein, chamomile tea leaves, and many more. The number of J.CO Donuts & Coffee outlets in Indonesia make very easy to find, so customer can enjoy donuts anywhere, In Jakarta itself, there are more than 20 outlets spread in many popular places
TRI WAHYU (2013) discussed that J.CO Donuts & Coffee is aimed for middle or high class customer who can be reflected through their prices of products and services. It slightly expensive than Starbucks Coffee. Nevertheless, it offers distinct atmosphere and products that can charm anyone who visit it. The cafe atmosphere is less formal than Starbucks Coffee or The Coffee Beans & Tea leaf. In addition, there hint of family atmosphere where children can be take alongside to enjoy J.Pops and J.Cool yoghurt with their parents. In short, it’s cafe for everyone and a good place for someone who want change place for enjoy his/her coffee.

III. Hypothesis
This paper will utilize the following hypotheses:
Ho: Price, ambiance, service and quality has no direct significance to market acceptability of J.co product in the Philippines.

II. What are the preferences of market buyer of J.co?
1. Price
2. Ambiance
3. Service
4. Quality
Brand image
According to Kapferer (cited in Hubanic & Hubanic, 2009), Brand image is the interpretation of the customers about all the indications from products, services, and communication of brand. Kotler (cited in Rizan & Saidani, 2012) states that brand image is the customer’s mind reflection of the image and trust of brands. In addition, the customers’ perception of brand is formed by association of some ideas and pictures and their knowledge of a brand (Levy, citedin Chen, 2008 : 2)), and a positive and popular image can be the influential point to affect the customer’s perception of brand (Gronroos, cited in Hubanic & Hubanic (2009). So it can be concluded that brand image is the customer’s perception as the reflection of some associations, sometimes it is called as brand association, in customer’s mind. The customers will give their first impression of a product through physical appearance. The physical appearance can build the good perception or bad perception in customer’s mind.


J.CO brings in a new twist to the simple doughnut that Filipinos have long been familiar with through its innovative and yet palatable product line that comes best with their signature beverages, especially their coffee. J.Co building a strong relationship to the customers. It offers distinct atmosphere and products that can charm anyone who visit it. J.Co known for its quirky donuts flavors and catchy names to formed a good brand perception. All kinds of donuts and coffee of J.Co products have beautiful visual appearance according to the representation of each unique flavor of each product. With strong positioning, quality maintenance, and also customer relationship, J.Co gained a strong trust from its customer for all of their products.

Research Methodology

Research Design
Population and Sampling
Respondent of the study
Research instrument
Data Gathering procedure
Statistical treatment of data
Research Design
Population and Sampling
Respondent of the study
Research instrument
Data Gathering procedure
Statistical treatment of data
Slovin’s formula

The sample size required for gathering data and survey is computed using the following formula:

n = N/ (1 + N•e²)
where n = sample size
N = population size
e = margin of error

Average Mean
The average or mean of the data set, x¯, is defined by:

Where xi is the result of the ith measurement, i = 1… N.

Frequency distribution

A range of conditions, often represented in graph form, in which each item is

paired with the number of observed events or measurements meeting those conditions.

Presentation, Analysis, and Interpretation of Data
Demographics Statistics

Distribution of respondents according to their age

Frequencie of the respondent's status
Frequency of respondent's occupation
Frequency of respondent's monthly income
Frequency of respondent's gender
Frequency of J.co's product affordability
Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation
1. In terms of respondents profile:
a. Majority of respondents in terms of age is 21-27 and 28-34
14-20 years old: 22 %
21-27 years old: 32 %
28-34 years old: 32%
35-41 years old: 12%
49-55 years old: 2%

b. Majority of the respondents are single.
Single : 64%
Married: 32 %
Widowed: 2%

c .Majority of the respondent’s occupation is employed

Employed: 62 %
Self-employed:12 %
Student: 16 %
Working student: 8%
Unemployed: 2 %

d. Majority of the respondent’s monthly income is 20,000 -26,000

5,000 below: 18 %
6,000-12,000:4 %
13,000-19,000:14 %
34,000-40,000:2 %

2. In terms of psychological preferences

a. As to the J.co’s product affordability majority says they agree
Strongly disagree: 4%
Disagree: 26 %
Agree: 60 %
Strongly agree: 10 %

b. The place of J.co is very convenient ,majority says they agree
Disagree: 6%
Agree: 50 %
Strongly agree: 44%

c. The service of the staff is very well oriented, majority says they disagree
Strongly disagree: 20%
Disagree: 36 %
Agree: 34
Strongly agree:10 %

d. J.co has the best quality product ,majority says strongly agree
Disagree: 2%
Agree: 24%
Strongly agree: 74 %


Base on our findings, we conclude that the price, ambiance, service and quality of J.co product have significant effect to the market acceptability of J.co. As seen on the chapter 4 majorities of the respondents have positive impression about the price ,ambiance ,service ,quality of J.co.

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