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Eustress And Distress

No description

adel yousef al hrmoodi

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Eustress And Distress

Types of stress and some techniques to manage them. Done By:
Adel Yousef Al Hrmoodi
Abdullah Ali Conclusion The End To Sum Up First Finally Secondly Today we are going to talk about two types of stress Eustress and Distress. Eustress is a good events or positive stress, somethings that make you feel happy and excited. Distress is a bad events or bad stress, and that could lead to sadness and worriedness. Eustress is good stress that could lead to happiness and excitement. For example getting married, you will ask yourself some questions like where you will go? when ? and why?. Another example of eustress is getting new born child. Distress is a bad stress, that can lead to sickness and you'll worry a lot that will affect your like and you mind as well. Examples of distress Death of someone close you start thinking what will happened to him? what illness does he have? what are the causes of his death?. Another example of distress getting late of school or work. There are several ways to manage stress for example Hang out with friends, Play your favorite games, Relax, BBQ with your friends, Make new friends and, etc... Eustress is good for you so let it increase and distress is bad so try to decrease it by the techniques that were mentioned on the text. See you next time on other presentations. Tell then God Saves You. Any Questions ??
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