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No description

Becca Biggerstaff

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Disguise

Double click anywhere & add an idea Disguise Going Home- The Phaeacians hid Odysseus in a cave and dressed him as a beggar. 1st Adventure- Odysseus hides 20 men inside of the Trojan Horse. 3rd Adventure Odysseus tell the Cycolpes that his name is "Nohbdy." Odyssues hides 20 men inside of the Trojan Horse. First Adventure 3rd Adventure Odysseus tells the Cyclopes that his name is "Nohbdy." Odysseus tells the Cylopes that his ship wrecked on the shore. Odysseus and his men hide underneath the Cylopes' sheep. Odysseus says "We are from Troy, Archaeans, blown off course by shifting gales on the Great South Sea." The Return of Odysseus The Phaeacians dress Odysseus as a beggar when they reach Ithica. Odysseus hides his gifts of bronze and gold in a cave. Created by Jamie Mayberry
And Becca Biggerstaff
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