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Cell Analogy Project

No description

Lea Rohrbasser

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Cell Analogy Project

Resembles the Court House, because it surrounds everything and lets specific objects in and out.
Resembles the judge, because it makes the major decisions for the cell.
This resembles the courtroom sheriff, because it helps structure the process and controls the movement of people, in and out of the courtroom.
Cell Membrane
Smooth Endoplamic Reticulum
Resembles the prison doctor, because it controls what drugs and substances are let in.
Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
Resembles the prison bus, because it moves objects/people from place to place.
Nuclear Membrane
Resembles the judge`s bench, because only the judges are allowed up there. You can only go up there if you are given permission.
The Ribosomes are just like the jury because Ribosomes make proteins like the Jury makes decisions in trials.
Golgi Apparatus
The Golgi Apparatus is like a holding cell because Golgi Apparatuses hold material inside of them and prepare them for movement just like a holding cell.
Cell Analogy Project
Lea, Lia, Fred

Food Vacuole
The Mitochondria is like the constitution because it controls the cell like the constitution controls the trial.
The Lysosomes have a resemblance to the Medical examiner because Lysosomes break down macromolecules like Medical examiners break down evidence.
The Cytoskeleton is like the laws because like the Cytoskeleton gives structure to the cell like the laws give the trials structure.
The Food Vacuole is like the court room audience because it stores all the people inside like the Food Vacuole does.
Centrioles are like a prison prosecutors because Centrioles split up chromosomes like the Prison prosecutors put away prisoners in cells.
The Cilia is like a Police car because the Cilia assists with movement like police cars assists in movement of police officers.
The Flagella is like a police officer because the Flagella assists in movement just like police officers assist in movement with prisoners by bringing them to jail.
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