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6.03 How do externalities Affect you

No description

Brittany Thigpen

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of 6.03 How do externalities Affect you

6.03 How do externalities Affect you
Part 1
The whole community can get together and help stop water pollution by protesting and getting people to lend a hand. I could help by spreading the word and helping clean up. Everyone has a different opinion on approaching the situation but if we all worked together we could make it happen.
Negative Externalities: Water pollution can cause people different illnesses from the unsanitary water. Also it can damage
Positive Externalities: Prices will go down on crop foods gving the government more money because they lower prices will have people purchasing them more.
Negative Externalities: if homes don't dispose of their waste properly they can cause water pollution. They would have to boil any water before using it , if the pollution got bad enough.
Positive Externalities: Households are recycling which is good for helping to reduce water pollution.
Negative Externilities: Contaminated water can cause employees to get sick. That's more people out of work.
Positive Externilities: Most places now want cleaner work places which is good for sanitary purposes and helps employees work in a safer environment.
Rest of the world
Negative Externalities: We have limited fresh water. The population is growing and water is being limited. It gets polluted day by day. It is causing many deaths in other countries world wide from being unsanitary. The contamination
of the water is producing illnesses.
Positive Externalities: Because of pollution Hybrid cars are being made and sold to other countries, thus making us money.
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