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PROS/CONS : Driverless Cars

No description

Christina Jackson

on 4 October 2016

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Transcript of PROS/CONS : Driverless Cars

PROS/CONS : Driver less Cars
Gearing Up
Car makers say they will begin selling driver less cars in three to four years. California, Florida, Michigan and Nevada have recently passed laws governing their use.
Commuting Will Be Easy
Traveling from suburb cities to city center could be tiring. With driver less cars it could change the way people think about where they live and where they work.
Not safe?
But at the same time, the technology used in those cars creates serious safety problems. And until the cars can fully self drive, humans are going to have to be ready to take over at any second.
Regulation Roadblocks
The development of driver less vehicles would also mean more state and federal regulation. Most likely, all those new rules would significantly slow the spread of driver less cars.
$Paying The Price$
Totally self driving cars will not be cheap. One reporter says making a totally self driving car would be close to $100,000 dollars.
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