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The Bite Of The Mango

The Bite Of The Mango DUE DECEMBER 17

Hannah Fryer

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of The Bite Of The Mango

The Bite Of The Mango Authors: Mariatu Kamara with Susan McCelland. Year Published: 2008. Theme/Genre: Sad, Adventure, Hopeful, Action, Drama, Non-Fiction, Teen. Characters:
Mariatu Kamara
-Brown eyes
-Brown hair
-Loves to wear colourful African dresses.
- She is generous, kind, brave,
strong and determined.
-Her Birthday is May 25, 1986. Characters:
Mariatu Karmara gave birth to Abdul at the age of 12. Abdul died when he was 10 months old from malnutrition. Map Of Africa Mariatu's Story began at age 11, she lived with her Aunt Marie and Uncle Alie since she was a baby. They lived in a small village in Sierra Leone called Magborou. The population was about 200 people and their houses were made out of wood and clay with tin roofs. Characters:
-Mariatu's Aunt Marie and Uncle Alie all lived
together in a small hut. Children
in the rural areas usually were
raised by people other than there parents for various reasons.
-The Book does not describe the characters. Setting 1:
The story takes place in Sierra Leone, Africa. She lived most of her life in a small village named Magborou. Setting 2:
Mariatu's life changed one day when she was asked to fetch water at a neighboring village with her cousins, but did not make it there. Mariatu and her cousins were attacked by the Rebels. Mariatu was tortured and they brutally cut off both of her hands with a machete. Characters:
-The African Rebels are a a group of men that are heavily armed with guns. They go around Africa killing innocent people to get attention from the Governor of Africa.
-In the book Mariatu describes the men as big, scary and that some of them were only her age which was 12. After having her hands cut off, she walked day and night to find help. Soon she was found by strangers who helped her reach to Freetown in Sierra Leone. Her arms were infected and needed surgery to help them heal. At this time she also found out she was pregnant. A few months later she had her baby and named him Abdual. Mariatu and many other people who were affected by the Rebels, took a boat to Port Loko where they would be safe. Port Loko was protected by the ECO-MOG. (ECO-MOG means Economic Community of West Africa States Monitoring Group). Mariatu spent 2 years on the streets begging for money. It was then a man named Bill from Canada heard about her story. He gave Mariatu an opportunity to live in London, England. Characters:
Comfort and Bill
-While Mariatu was still in Sierra Leone, Comfort was the one that helped her understand and organize her trip to London, England.
-Bill was the one that payed for Mariatu Kamara to fly to England. He provided her with money for clothes, food, water and other things.
-The book does not describe the characters. Setting 4: Mariatu lived in London, England for a year but did not like it there because it was to grey, unlike Africa where it is full with bright colours. Bill offered her to move to Toronto, Ontario. Publisher: Ishmael Beah, with New York Times. The Book "The Bite of the Mango"
was picked to be a Red Maple Winner in 2009. Setting 3:
It was in London, England where then the word broke out about her story and she became very famous. She was given another opportunity for prosthetic hands. After using them for some time, she realized they didn't help her with her daily chores so she rejected them. Mariatu Kamara still lives in Toronto today. She is attending college in Toronto. Mariatu is a UNICEF Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict. She tours North America speaking of her experiences and for the people that are not heard in Seirra Leone.
Mariatu Kamara loves both countries and is stuck between her home country Seirra Leone and Toronto. She tries to visit her home country as often as she can. Read the book The Bite of the Mango to find out what the next chapter reveals. Credits:
Google Images. Reading Age: 13 and up. Map Of Sierra Leone
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