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Strategic Analysis of eBay

An analysis of the five forces affecting eBay and recommendations from our team on how eBay should change the current strategies of the firm

Matt Dempsey

on 1 December 2010

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Transcript of Strategic Analysis of eBay

Threat of new entrants Power of buyers Power of Suppliers Substituable products Intensitiy of Rivalry HIGH
Ease of start up
Low cost
Very little equipment
Craig’s List HIGH
Numerous options HIGH
Cost wars
Market share battles
High volume of players MANY
Several options for consumer
Increasingly similar offerings
Not always cost driven High
Numerous Options
 International Expansion Example: China Preserving Core Business Expand and conquer new
markets and channels eBay = Internet Auctions Questions? Thanks! 5 Forces Strengths
Data collection on registered buyers/sellers
The ebay name itself Weaknesses
Policing fake auctions/scamsshipping
prices(low item price but huge shipping price)
screening content Threats
Google and the like
Risk of failed diversification
New competition O -- China and other emerging markets, new technology (ebay apps etc.), aquisitions (cars.com? things like that)
T -- Google and the like, Risk of failed diversification, New competition
China and other emerging markets
new technology (ebay apps etc.)
aquisitions (cars.com)
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