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Implementing an Enterprise Social Network

Lessons learned from Renault experience (My Declic)

Michel Ezran

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Implementing an Enterprise Social Network

Deploying an Enterprise Social Network (ESN) :
as tough as a 400m Hurdles* Lessons learned from the Renault experience
(My Declic) What is Renault Social Search Engine ? Chronology of a project :
4 years, from inception to deployment * Why a 400m Hurdles ? 400m is sprint ... you have to be FAST
... but it's ... long ... the longest distance considered as sprint. You have to be RESISTANT
... and there are Hurdles ... each one is a new challenge ... You have to be OBSTINATE

400m is often considered the toughest distance to race Sponsorship When I search for a topic, I find people related to this topics (job title, skills, interests, contributions, ...) When I search for a person, I find her/his contributions Business
Case Usages Communi
cation Governance HR HR involvement in the project ?
Evaluate and master the HR impacts of the project
What are the HR issues to be addressed by the project ?
Another employee directory ?
Yes, but a rich employee directory !
Is having a profile mandatory ?!
Will the social network and social search replace the traditional directory / employee search ? Presented a major threat to the project. In reality not the main roadblock.
Pedagogical approach & listen to objections ??? 2009 2012 2010 2011 Renault Degital Factory / 28 Mars 2011 Three brands
Three Partners (The Alliance, Daimler, Avtovaz)
Decentralized expertise worldwide (RTx, manufacturing…) RENAULT Group Renault
Stakes Renault Degital Factory / 28 Mars 2011 Pursue the innovation policy
Strengthen product offer
Reinforce the image of the Renault brand
Ensure the excellence of the distribution network in customer relations
Control investment and R&D expenditure
Reduce costs
Pursue growth internationally Drive the change 2016 Renault Degital Factory / 28 Mars 2011 Having the expertise worldwide (vs corporate)
Sharing knowledge, cross country and cross-function expertise
Breaking down hierarchies
Creating new relationships between employees all over the world Organization stakes Enterprise 2.0
Stakes CITIZENSHIP planeterenault.com COMMERCE MEDIA MARKETING Web 2.0 is a social revolution. Adapt or die. Projet My Declic Le Web 2.0 pour quoi faire ?
Les champs d’application dans l’entreprise Expected
benefits Connect people & information faster, smarter Existing
online communities
& blogs at Renault Human & Social dimension
(Together Drive the Change) New management style
(RMW) Company Transformation
(Agility, Simplicity) Accelerate Innovation
(Drive the change 2016) MY DECLIC (ESN) : A CONTRIBUTION TO RENAULT TRANSFORMATION Faciliter les échanges

Promouvoir et rendre possible un environnement créatif Accélérer la transformation d’idées en business

Accélérer la résolution de problèmes

Simplifier ! Connaitre ses atouts et compétences

Identifier les atouts nécessaires demain
Localiser les compétences ACCELERATION COLLABORATION INTELLIGENCE Les clés de l’innovation : ouverte et collaborative (Source : OCDE) L'innovation est l'une des clés pour sortir de la récession In crisis mode, turn innovation to opportunities My Declic : objectifs et bénéfices attendus ENTREPRISE MANAGER EMPLOYÉ Baromètre social Attractivité Meilleur usage des ressources
humaines et des connaissances Résolution de problème Prise de décision Innovation Baromètre Reconnaissance Délégation Pouvoir
de l’équipe Idées nouvelles Motivation Intégration Reconnaissance Obtenir la
Confiance International Réseau personnel Lien social Benchmarks EXPECTED USAGES & EXAMPLES Transversal / peers : PA, Managers
Networking / Deployment / Support : Local Marketing Mgr, Local Digital Mgr, ESN Help, Communication Mgr Network, ...
Business Lines : Manufacturing, Engineering, IT, Digital, ...
Experts : Expert Leaders
Interest : sport, cars, car pooling, …
Innovation : Euromed Jam, Creative people, ... EXAMPLES of existing communities
Launch the ESN with existing communities & users
Identified pionneers : Engineering, Executive Secretary, RCI, Women@Renault, etc... Il ne s’agit pas de transposer « bêtement » les usages de facebook à l’entreprise, ni de ceder à un effet de mode.
Il s’agit d’exploiter la puissance des technologies sociales pour mettre en relation les personnes et les informations, beaucoup plus efficacement.
Recherche, Localisation de compétences, Partage de bonnes pratiques, Questions / réponses.

Bénéfice à l’issu de ce scénario : un probleme résolu (celui de Nathalie), une connaissance capitalisée (la solution au problème), une personne valorisée (Gilberto), une relation nouvelle (Nathalie – Gilberto).

Meilleure exploitation du capital humain de l’entreprise

C’est compliqué de faire simple. Fonctionnalités mises en œuvre :
Portail d’accès
Recherche d’entreprise (search by google)
Localisation de compétence
Profils riches
Gestion de mes contacts
Partage de photos / Vidéo My Contacts / Friends
My communauties Personal News feed
Online translation
Photos / Vidéos sharing and encoding
Conversation Door mounting and Clio 4 manufacturing experts receive Nathalie Question
(Clio is made in France, Slovenia, Brasil, ...) Micro-blogging, tagging
My Contacts / Friends Skills location
Rich Profiles Employee Portal
Entreprise search Nathalie checks the proposed solution, discusses it with her manager
She adds Gilberto to her network, capitalises and share this best practice Gilberto from Curitiba (Brasil) sees the question (with translation, if needed) answers it, with photos and videos explaining the solution After exploiting all these sources, the problem is still unsolved

She sends a message in a bottle She searches the Intranet and finds :
- Documents
- Communities (on the Clio 4)
- People (who might know about her problem) Nathalie , from Renault plant in Flins (France) has a technical problem about mounting the new Clio 4 doors. # ?? My Declic : What for ? Which usages ?
Example : message in a bottle Paper in "Le Monde" Results so far - 4300 users
- 2000 filled profiles
- 420 communities
- 3000 people searches per day After 1 month ... Tech Watch
Web 2.0 internal assessment
Web 2.0 Risks & Opportunity study
Enterprise 2.0 awareness actions
Participative innovation pilot : Euromed Jam (12 000 contributions)
Corporate (video)-blog
Interactive intranet Pilots : 50 internal web communities
Collaborative engineering project
Crowdsourcing on Twizzy definition
External communities : Pro+
Research community
Renault Virtual Academy
Cross-fertilization : Web 2.0 Tech Labs
Set up Web 2.0 Governance
Recommandations on HR, Legal & Security aspects Jan Mar Preliminary
ESN Task Force
(13 persons - 6 Weeks) Decision to generalize 2.0 usages May EC Project Validation
Issue Call For Tender (CFT) CFT 1 CFT 2 Sept Investment
Business Case Validation Oct Official
Kick-off Dec Design
25 workshops with users reps Jan Storyboard
Change Management plan v1 Feb Ambassadors
& Champions
Recrutment Mar Launch of
Social Search
ESN acceptance
testing Apr Initial
and setup May June June 18th
Official Launch Jun 4000 users
420 communities July Governance committee
Sponsorship program
Success story collection
Business Case completion Sept Project
Management Governance committee


User Moderation rules Do not confound PM & Governance Managing a breakthrough projet is like capitalism : crisis are the nominal mode ... Manage conflicts,
Balance of powers,
Political matters ... Middle
Management Legal Assist the project and protect the company User
Adoption Users involvement into the product design
Project kick-off, design workshops, test workshop, user acceptance, ... What is governance ? Governance is made to answer the following questions :
- Who is allowed to do what ?
- What is the lifecycle of communities and their content ?
Governance consists in defining and checking the application of rules and policies needed to answer these questions.
It includes, rules definitions, organization, processes, decision bodies, reporting and administration tools, ... Accelerate the implementation and deployment of Renault ESN
Identify strategic usages and applications of social medias at Renault
Select best practices and tools
Project and deployment plan RECRUTEMENT Problèmes de + en + complexes à résoudre de + en + vite pour avoir un avantage concurrentiel (cf. ce qui se fait dans le B2C)
Ces problèmes ne peuvent plus être traités de la manière traditionnelle
Innovation de produit 4 ans Innovation de service 4 mois
Transformer : simplifier la circulation d’info : poser une question directement
Nouveaux styles de management : droit à l’erreur (fait partie du processus d’amélioration continue)
Dimension humaine et sociale : se parler, plaisir au travail, s’entre-aider, communautés vie pratique, vie au travail
Besoin de connecter les personnes et les informations
Connecter les personnes entre elles (réseau social)
Connecter les informations (moteur de recherche)
Connecter les personnes et les informations (suggestions de personnes, d’informations, de communautés) c’est l’information qui trouve la personne !

Le portail social cohabitera avec Déclic
Un Intranet basé sur 3 piliers : Déclic, Recherche, Réseau Social
A terme les deux fusionneront My Déclic Il ne s’agit pas de mettre en place un nouvel outil mais de transformer radicalement les modes de fonctionnement, la manière de mettre en relation les personnes et les informations.
Un facteur-clé de succès pour que Renault réussisse son adaptation à la nouvelle donne.

De par la crise économique d’un coté et la situation de plus en plus difficile et concurrentielle de l’industrie automobile, Renault ne peut plus se contenter de « faire comme si de rien n’était » (business as usual) ni de tenter de s’en sortir sans changer de paradigme. L’accélération de l’innovation, la libération des flux d’information, la simplification sont les clés.
De plus, sous l’impulsion des NTIC, du web, de la mobilité, le tempo de nos activités, de nos business s’accélère.
L’entreprise doit s’adapter aux changements de modèles : du thermique à l’électrique, d’un modèle basé sur l’achat et la possession d’un véhicule individuel à un modèle plus varié (partage, mobilité durable, déplacements multi-modaux, …), d’un modèle basé sur le produit à un modèle basé sur les services. USAGES & BUSINESS BENEFITS
(Derived from pilots projects) Networking Women@Renault Motivation, career development Participative innovation
Call for ideas (“jams”) Euromed Jam
Creative People 12 000 contributions by 4000 employees
180 k€ saving per jam Interactive communication
Technology and Market watch RCI Staff motivation, participation
Develop & share knowledge Problem solving, message in a bottle
Skills location : look for a given skill or topic and get in touch with experts or people in charge
Best Practice Sharing
Participative innovation, Call for ideas (“jams”), internal crowdsourcing
Interactive communication
Technology and Market watch
Networking Communities Physical & virtual existence ?
Existing / To be migrated
To be created Typology
Project community
Business Line community
Org unit community
Community of Interest
Innovation community
Page personnelle, permettant le renseignement des, compétences, expertises, description de poste, coordonnées etc.). Suggested
colleagues Add a colleague 3. COMMUNITY Créer des communautés privées, publiques ou fermées. Dialoguer via des forums, gérer des wikis, partager des calendriers. Tools 5. Corporate news and shortcuts 6. Interactions with my colleagues and communities (ideas, questions, messages, best practices)
=> Micro-blogging
=> Tagging
=> Commenting
=> Rating 4. Communities 3. My Colleagues 2. My
Profile THE 6 PILLARS OF MY DECLIC Marquer des contenus via des signets (Tags & Notes, I Like it), Porter un avis, partager cette page avec d’autres personnes. Emettre un message simple, poser une question, informer son réseau Faciliter la recherche de personnes, competences au sein de l'entreprise. Mettre en commun du contenu. Création et gestion de bibliothèques personnelles ou partagées. Edition de contenu et Co-rédaction.
Contact, Job title, Bio, Skills, Projects, Interests, ... Public / Private.
Unique tab-based community template
Newsfeed is central Looks like this ==> How ? Why ? What
For ? What
is it ? When ? Organisation Digital IS-IT HR Internal
Communication Legal, Security Contractors (Sword, Microsoft)
(Google, Microsoft, Newsgator) Business Lines
(Manufacturing, Engineering, ...) Transformation Promote ESN
Help Convince Managers
Help Define moderation rules
Inject comm content into the ESN
Com Mgt best practices Key actor of the project Business Line impacted the project Any employee becomes a source of information
What about one voice top-down communication ?
Adapt to participative communication
Manage multiple-voices
Create and manage local / geographical communities
Manage communities and information flows on key corporate and local matters Change
Plan Users involvement into the deployment : Ambassadors, Champions, User Club
no formal training, viral adoption
Help Community
Mentorship Sharing is valued,
Encourage participation,
Trust, empowerment, "exemplarity"
Test & Learn : tolerate failure
"Lacher-prise" : act even without controlling all the consequences ... New Management Style (RMW) Typical roadblocks :
Loss of power
Team diversion
Hoax Values
Principles The Challenge with many reasons
not to change This is a MAJOR transformation project !! This is a major transformation project !
Stakes are numerous and big !
The project will probably have many allies but also many enemies ...
People may switch category during the project ...
No way without Executive Sponsorship !!!
Sponsors may change as you as go ...
For the sponsor, it's also a matter of reputation ... 50 Reasons Not To Change Benefits &
Roadblocks per target Pleasure Exemplarity Personal branding Creativity Lacher- Prise Self-regulation No-Silos Voluntering Cooptation Virality Yet an additional tool ?!
Too complicated !
How does it work ?
When is the training session ? Recognition
Social Link
Personnel network EMPLOYEE Benefits … and … roadblocks COMPANY MANAGER What for ?
ROI ???
In crisis time, we should stay focused
My team won’t participate without my written agreement New ideas
Motivated Staff
Team power
Recognition Benefits … and … roadblocks What for ?
ROI ???
In crisis time, we should stay focused
My team won’t participate without my written agreement New ideas
Motivated Staff
Team power
Recognition Benefits … and … roadblocks Deployment Strategy Legal aspects Who ==> Renault & Dacia
Employee Main partners
(Nissan, RSM) Partners Official
What   Enrich personal profile   Participate to community   Have a personal blog Search / consult profiles Create & animate a community Search for a community, browse community list Access public communities Request private community access Who is allowed to do what in the ESN ? 46 000 users today (2011)
New spirit : « Your problem is my problem »
Lighter Change Management effort 2009 -2011 New Solution (Jive) 2007/ 2009 Slow user adoption for social network
Sharepoint for doc sharing Sharepoint Key Success Factors :

CEO commitment e.g. « Ask Ben »
Free opening of pro and extra-pro communities
Failures tolerated and turned to opportunities
Innovation culture (partnerships, spin offs) Next Steps
9 months for total deployment (Target: 105 000 p from July 2011 to Mar 2012)
Connect Internal applications
Connect with Content Management Governance

Allow everyone to create communities
Grant access to subcontractors « Values and culture change... » Change management

Use-friendly tools (Chatter, iPad, iPhone…) - new digital workplace
Viral deployment
Communication : « It’s not Facebook! », buzz, meetings (top 200, 700), and existing events
Co-construction of new initiatives (cross business projects, external partners…) KSF

Part of corporate strategic plan
Integration with business process
Turn failure to opportunity
Involvement of the top management
No ROI computation The Social Network

20 000 members (sales people)
Focused on conversation between users and business applications
Rethink the company’s approach regarding work habits (stress, mail…), 3 year-plan Technology

Phase 1: MS Sharepoint

Phase 2 : CRM + social network
SalesForce (CRM + Chatter)

Phase 3 : generalization Staff : 120 000
20 000 blue collars
15,8 Billion €
+ 100 countries Technology

IBM Connections Next Steps
Mobile access (blue collars)
Partners access Dan 2.0 : « Connect, Accelerate, Innovate, Co-create » Change management
Phase 1 :
Replacement of the company directory by a rich directory and a social network
Massive communication campaign for the launch (focused on sharing best practices)

Phase 2 :
Users support for the deployment of communities (business leaders, webconf…) KSF

Integration with existing apps
Monitoring and reporting
Worldwide support Dan 2.0 project :
One Social Network for the whole company
Based on a specific transformation program
35 000 members (Connected users)
Adopted by 50% of the employees in 6 months Governance

Allow everyone to create communities
Make users responsible
Staff : 80 000
14,9 Billion €
90 countries
150 factories Listen, Watch, Try, Understand Experiment, Educate & Prepare Build & Generalize Deploy, Monitor, Measure Sponsor : COO, P Pélata Nov Lyonnaise des eaux B Latchague (sales director) : “I was initially scared by letting my staff express themselves. I rapidly realized that it brought good ideas more than issues” Launch of community platform and Social Network linked to the move to DS new site : « le Campus »
Community platform used as a transformation tool
The Community platform as the new employee portal
A new barometer of the social climate
Today (2011) :
10 000 employees, 56 countries, 400 communities
18 500 external partners, +100 external communities Dassault Systèmes They inspired
Renault RCI : 50+ communities & 300+ users in 6 month

Engineering : 200 communities & 5000 users

Euromed : jam and communities, 4000 users

COO and corporate blogs Be fast, obstinate and resistant 2 key principles on innovation projects :
- Lacher-prise
- Risk Management 1rst thing in the morning : Raise HR staff 2.0 awareness ! Unions Skills Management
Self-declaration vs corporate directory
No validation of the manager ...
... but self regulation !
Is there a skills directory ?
Overlap with other HR projects ?
Relationship with HR ERP ?
Talent management (Strategic Expertise Areas) Directory Skills Who has access to the ESN ?
Who is allowed to do what ?
"Délit de marchandage" (french law)
Will employees take power ? Other issues When I search for a topic, I find people related to this topics (job title, skills, interests, contributions, ...) When I search for a person, I find her/his contributions 1. Social
Search Michel Ezran
@MichelEzran Basic Rules & Principles Freedom to post
Freedom to participate to communities
Free creation of communities
Self-declaration of skills ... within the limits of the code of ethics, ESN Genral usage conditions and ESN Usage Guide !!! Trust
Self regulation
A posteriori moderation Responsibilities ... On site
Contractors Have a personal profile X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Change Management strategy
Who / What / When / How
Inform / Train / Coach / Support Launch plan Change Management Material After 6 Month - 8 726 users
- 3 500 filled profiles
- 800 communities
- 1 800 daily users
New usages
No abuse
Extra-profesionnal communities : 5%
Beyond France, adoption mainly in Romania (39 communities) and Brasil (17) Code of ethics (code de déontologie)
Corporate regulation (règlement intérieur)

ESN Usage guide

General Usage Conditions (CGU / CAU)

Informatique & Libertés (CNIL)
IRP (France)
My profile and my visibility management guide ==> corporate rules, not specific to ESN, but applies ==> User behavior, rights & duties on the ESN ==> Accepted at first connection ==> Declaration
==> Involve them !
==> Optional but will provide reassurance !
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