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Room For Two

No description

Shelby Neal

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Room For Two

Room For Two
A True Story

Abel and Krista's apartment. This is where Krista dies. :(
Abel- Widower:(
Krista- Dead Wife:(
Hope- Dead daughter:(
Julianna- Girlfriend:)
Abel Keogh is now widower due to his wife Krista dying from a suicidal incident. Krista was supposed to be at her grandparents house. But while Abel was running errands, Krista went back to the apartment and stayed there. Abel called several times to check on her but she said she was unpacking. Abel called again and she didn't answer. He went back to the apartment and called for Krista, she didn't answer. Then he heard a gunshot from their bedroom. Krista was lying on the floor, shaking, and blood gushing from her head. Abel called 911 and the operator picked up. He told them, "My wife just shot herself." "She's pregnant, she's pregnant!!!" The operator told him to do CPR but he didn't and Krista stopped shaking and her eyes went from blue to gray. when the police and ambulance got there, they said they could possibly save the baby. When they got to the hospital the baby was saved but in critical condition. Abel named her Hope Krista Keogh. 8 or 9 days after she was born, she died after not breathing for more than 5 min. Five months of loneliness and anger went by after the death of his wife and daughter. Abel struggled with with finding a reason his wife killed herself. Even though he loved Krista dearly, he hated her for taking her and Hope's life. Seven years thier lives had been intertwined with each other but now that she was gone he didn't feel complete anymore and had to force himself to to live again. He started running again too. Later on he did try dating but he always felt like he was cheating on Krista. Eventually he did find love again with a woman named Julianna. He learned how precious and fragile love can be. He regretted that he had taken Krista's love for granted and told himself that he would always treasure Julianna's love. Memories of Hope and Krista would always be in Abel's mind because they are a part of him. But having a relationship with Julianna meant looking forward to the future without having regrets or memories of the past holding him back. He finally was able to let go.
January 26,1976-November 10, 2001
Krista Keogh
November 10,2001-November 18, 2001
Hope Krista Keogh

Can a person learn to live and love after a piece of their live has been shattered and taken away?:(
The theme is to never give up because Abel looked for another girlfriend/wife even though he felt like he was cheating. the other theme is to go with your gut because he felt like he should bring the gun or at least all of the keys to the gun case with him. *face palm*
I would recommend this book because it teaches you to never give up. But if you don't like reading books about suicide than don't read it!!!
Book- Room For Two:)
Married to Julianna
Keogh. they have 3 kids, 2 boys and 1 girl.
Website is www.abelkeogh.com
More books by Abel:
The Third
Dating a Widower
Marrying a Widower

Abel Keogh
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