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Gateway to China

The People to People trip to China! Starting in Beijing and ended in Hong Kong!

Taylor Thomas

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Gateway to China

Beijing X'ian Shanghai Hong Kong Suzhou Gateway to China Hutong Village forbidden city tiananmen square great wall of china Terra Cotta Warriors Home Stay Big Wild Goose Pagoda City Construction Museum Silk Embordery Institute Silk Badmitton University Net Masters Garden Star Boulevard Victoria Harbor Victoria Peak Aberdeen Fishing Vilage Tianenmen sqquare can hold over 1 million people the emporer and his family must stay in the Forbidden City their whole lives Many different people, poor and rich. With in the courtyards the elders live on the south side, and the rest gets divided into 3 sections; north, east, and west. The holes in the side of the Great Wall of China were used to place the guns induring war. Summer Palace Many families spend sundays boating on Lake Kunming, picnicking, or hiking up Longevity Hill which has many temples. Xian City Wall The Xian city wall was used for military purposes during the Ming Dynasty over 600 years ago The man who founded the terra cotta warriors is still alive and goes in museum when ever he feels and stays in there for how ever long he wants. The bonzi treee is the smalled tree ever. They say you can not have just one tree because they all need a buddy In the building there is no air conditioning because the sweat is what helps them The Big Wild Goose Pagoda was built over 600 years ago. There are many different buddhas there, even the famous one. They pick one village per city and use it to have for the homestay. The people in the village are just like family. This place shows the entire city in 3D. Also it shows the old Shanghai and the newer Shanghai. The price of 2-3 cacoons is the price of 1 egg here in the U.S.. Also 200 cacoons make up a scarf, 500 cacoons make a t-shirt, and 2000 makes a jacket. Only girls work there at the institute. They start work at age 10 and reitre when 40 because there eye sight goes bad. The have a walk of fame on Star Boulevard, except with hands they use the people feet. The Victoria Harbor is one of the most famous rivers in China. There are many dinner cruises on it because alot of nights they do a fire works show. To get to the top of Victoria Peak you must take a "train" which takes you almost directly straight up. From the top you can see most of Hong Kong. The Aberdeen Fishing Village is where most of the poverty is. In the village you can find all sorts of things from clothes to cats. No More Silk If there was no more silk it would not be good. Silk provides the
world with clothing and other types of apparel. There would be people only wearing wool. Silk provides clothing to the entire world. The End :)
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