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Course Threads

Learn about the Course Threads program and how you can participate in a Thread!

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Transcript of Course Threads

The Course Threads program at UC Berkeley allows undergraduates to trace intellectual themes that connect across departments and disciplines.
If so, then the Course Threads program is for you!
Have you ever noticed connections between your classes at
UC Berkeley? a concept from your Anthro class relates to your MCB labwork?
Course Threads
Cultural Forms in Transit
The Historical & Modern City
Human Rights
Visible Language
Humanities & Environment
Things: Past & Present
Human-Centered Design
& Society
1. Sign up
3. Present at a symposium
2. Take classes
Historical & Modern City
How do I participate in a Course Thread?
All undergraduates are eligible. To complete the program, simply:
1. Sign up at the Course Threads website.
2. Take three or more courses from a thread, from at least two departments.
3. Participate in a symposium to share experiences and insights.
Say you want to participate in the Historical & Modern City Thread...
Go to and click "Sign Up."
Take at least three courses listed under the Historical & Modern City Thread. If a Thread lists a course you’ve taken in the past, it counts too! For example, you take...
1. Classics 130:
Violence and the Ancient City

2. City and Regional Planning 115:
Global Poverty

3. Environmental Sciences, Policy, and Management 117 –
Urban Agriculture
Click here for course lists and other
Thread-specific resources.
Click here to create a profile and
sign up for the Thread of your choice.
Enhance your learning experience by accessing the Bibliography and Media Resources of your thread on the website. For example, you could...
Invented Edens: Techno-Cities of the Twentieth Century
, by Robert Kargon and Arthur Molella

Watch the film
directed by Roman Polanski
Here’s another example, following the Sciences & Society Thread. You might take...
1. Anthropology 189:
Anthropology of Science, Technology, and Medicine

2. Integrative Biology 24:
The Darwinian Revolution

3. Linguistics 105:
Mind and Language

And read
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
, by Rebecca Skloot, and watch Lee Smolin give his TED presentation on
“How Science is Like
There are two symposia every year, one at the end of each semester.
Take a look at some past presentations!
Click on videos to play.
Stephanie "Effie" Ralli (Historical & Modern City): "Discovering Ways to Uncover the City."
Ian Leighton (Human-Centered Design):
"Design in Transit."
Visit for more information about the Course Threads program and to get started!
Also "like" our facebook page at for updates about Thread-related events.
Course Threads
You're done!
These 10-15 minute presentations are a great way to synthesize the insights and experiences you gained in the Thread!
Students have presented on a variety of topics, including:
"Indigenous Americans and the Environment: A Discussion of Educational Constructs"
"Improving Design through Human-Feedback"
"Look Who's Talking: Contextualizing and Translating Human Rights Across Borders"
"Science as a Spectacle: Public Dissections"
Or how you end up reading the same book in your English and ESPM classes?
Politics of Freedom & Violence
Visibilities: The Still Image
Interdisciplinary Program for Undergraduates
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