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Copy of 30-60-90 DAY SALES PLAN

Sunday morning

Erin Roberts

on 19 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of 30-60-90 DAY SALES PLAN

We are in a fast paced industry so
speed to market is important.

Business Plan
o Learn Products and Programs.
o Success stories and tactics from Co-Workers.
o Examine current sales by State and by Distributor.

Team Plan
o Introductory conference call with the team.
o Meet with Jennifer and get her feed back on the strengths and areas of for improvement for each team member as well how well the team currently functions.
o Meet and work with each member of the sales team.
 Meet their top distributors.
 Learn their current plans for meeting sales goals.
 Learn their current obstacles: discuss potential solutions.

My sales PLAN is about profitable growth and the members of the team.
Erin Roberts
Achieving PLAN by developing the talents of the team.
Building trust by working directly with each team member.
Creating an atmosphere of Creativity.
Cultivating team spirit.
Let's begin
Learn Products.
Learn Product advantages over competition.
Core Business Products
Network with peers on Jennifer Fargey's team and sales support members.
Hear success stories.
Learn sales tactics.
Co- Workers
Meet with each team member.
Hear their top successes.
Learn their current customer opportunities.
Help address current obstacles.
Team Plan
Meet with top distributors.
Discuss what is working well and what needs attention.
Find out if there is any immediate opportunity for growth in new items.
Texas, here I come!
Make the move
Profile accounts, competitors, their offerings and strategize accordingly.
Account reviews.
Learn Unilever systems - procedures for paperwork, reports, e-mail, order processes.
Find technical coach and mentor for explaining most current technology and best practices
First 30-60
30 Day Plan
60 DAYS...
Business Plan
• Meet current customers, discuss current plan and product mix of each distributor with each team member.
Find out what operator customer mix.
What their customers are looking for that they do not currently stock.
What is working well .
What they need help moving.
Review synopsis of past coupon customers and top customers with rebate plans.

Team Plan
Field work with Team to make sales plan.
Set list of target customers.
Work with team more extensively.
Access strengths.
Identify areas of development.

60 DAYS...
90 Days...
Business Plan
Start Targeting customers for new items.
Create Product Matrix for each customer vs. regional and national top selling items.
Look for competitive conversions
Team Plan
Continue to work with sales force, coach and help to tweak plans to drive new business as needed.

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