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banana peel burger <3

No description

Shem Labrada

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of banana peel burger <3

: Students prefer eating unhealthy foods due to limited break time. What's the problem ? Banana Peel Burger with Shake! Bananas regulate the bowel system what's in a Banana
and it's peel ? To be a company that could best deliver a product that will cater affordability, satisfactory and most of all offers a high nutrition for the students and children. VISION : need some solutions ? Bananas reduce the risk of heart diseases and blood pressure Bananas increase brain power Bananas reduce depression Vitamins minerals good in treating skin allergies cures head aches a skin ailment MISSION : Always serve an outstanding quality burger to every customer without exception, with our most friendly service at their convenience. 1. To serve the customer with consistent product quality and services exceptionally.
2. To be able to capture the taste of the people and gain customer loyalty.
3. To be able to adopt and cope up with the changing trends of food styles on this generation.
4. To have gained brand recognition from our target market. GOALS High Quality High Price Low Quality Low Price : Key Success Factor – Pop Rock Burger Banana Peel Burger Mr. Beefy Burger Banana Shake Commercial hotdog burgers Commercial Burgers Perceptual Mapping Competitive Advantage - low price and it has a good quality in terms of its innovativeness and cleanliness. Key Success Factor – 1.Attract new customers
2.Maintaining the good quality
3.Maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction
4.Never give up.
5.Sell each product at a profit. Promotion : “Push Strategy” - use of company's sales force and trade promotion activities to create consumer demand for the product because this strategy focuses on selling directly to the customers by passing other distribution channels making it easier to get to the target customers
“Direct Selling method” or “Personal Selling Method” Pricing Cost-plus pricing method: in which a 25% mark-up will be added over the total product cost.
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