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John Cooper

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Untitled Prezi

Cleaning technologies Limpia-Tec Co. Access to cleaning PROBLEM ---->Regaderazo Not enough places for people to clean up in the city of Guadalajara.

People in the street have not the same job opportunities due to a poor image.

Solution: Regaderazo -Showers with sinks available throughout the city.

- 24 hour, convenient, affordable shower locations.

- Optimal advertising spaces throughout the city. Target Markets - Homeless.
20% of population: 1´470,136.4 people(INEGI 2011)

- People who need to use the shower or sink. (Drivers, Travelers and tourists.)

- People/ businesses with marketing interests.

-Business with interest in shower rentals
90,974 businesses registered in Jalisco (Secretaria
de Economia)
Financial Numbers Revenues:

- Advertising (Up to 5 advertising space/toilet)
$300 per day -> $1,500
$108,000 per year -> $540,000

- Money slots to use the showers (10 pesos/10 minutos)
-In one day
144 people * $10.00 = $1,440
-In one year
$43,200* 12months= $518,400

-Shower with sink rentals to businesses.
-$2,200 per day.
- $14,000 per week.
Your turn - $800,000.00

-20% of the company (Limpia-Tec)

-2 years turnover

-25% WACC. Poverty is the deprivation of opportunity.
Prof Amartya Sen

Lets give them that chance Costs:
-Initial Investment
Solar panels and Batteries
Filtration System and Alarm system
Vending machine system
Cleaning chemicals
- Maintainence of showers/sinks (Water refills, Electricity)

100 per day -> $ 36,500 per year

- *Rent of location (city of Guadalajara)
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