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Habits of Highly Successful Hotel Sales People

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Denriel Avila

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Habits of Highly Successful Hotel Sales People

Habits of Highly Successful
Hotel Sales People
By Carol Verret, Carol Verret and Associates
Habits Defined
Definition of HABIT from http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/habit
-a behavior pattern acquired by frequent repetition or physiologic exposure that shows itself in regularity or increased facility of performance
What are these habits that will help us achieve Daily Disciplines
Eating the Elephant One Bite at a Time. Successful sales people take their goals, revenue, prospecting, calls etc. and break them down into monthly, weekly, daily activities.
Prioritize Activities
Not all activities, calls, traces, etc, are created equal. Prioritized sales people call on those prospects most likely to produce revenue before they do the trace calls to say 'hello' to existing accounts - they prioritize their calls.
Think Revenue not Just Rooms
The successful sales person pays attention to the property's revenue management strategy and understands that the name of the game is revenue - not rooms.
Whales and Tunas
Successful sales people know that they need a mix of both large and small groups and accounts to meet their revenue goals and to balance out the group calendar.
Successful sales people treat their market or their territory like a business - their business. They function as intraprenuers within the organization. That makes them think creative and allows them to think out of the box in addressing issues within the organizations on their client's behalf.
Personal (Brutally Honest) SWOT Analysis
Successful sales people evaluate their strengths in order to leverage it in to more business and maybe even a better position for themselves. They seek out opportunities in their market area and never underestimate the potential threats of competitors.
Sense of Urgency
Successful sales people have a sense of urgency about working their plan because they know that if they fall too far behind it will be very difficult to catch up. Their sense of urgency is focused and directed not just a sense of urgency about activity, any activity.
Related Readings 1 Success has many definitions..
By Remez Sasson In this article, the author is trying to define success. He mentioned that success, for some people, might be just about having promoted in their work but for others, it might be as deeper as achieving growth, development, improvement and getting better in their own lives. Definitions of success really depends on the views of each person. 2 Profile of the Perfect Salesperson
by Bruce R. Wares This article of Bruce Wares focuses on enumerating the profile of a perfect salesperson which jives with what habits Carol Verret mentioned in her article. Although one can never find a perfect salesperson, the qualities posted in this article may help developing one. The most important quality, for us, was the quality of being comfortable with the title “Salesperson” and not hiding out with other titles such as financial consultants, market specialist etc.. 3 Habits of successBy Jenny Edwards and Arthur L. Costa The things that were given the most impact in the article which focuses on giving comparison between students by the book and students with acquired skills. In the industry setting, this may be referred to as salesperson who goes along with how situation goes in his company and a salesperson who go on with how he do things. It is portrayed that a salesperson who does things according to his ways or habits become more successful in the long run compared to the other typical salespersons. This article strongly proves that a hotel sales person who has the proper habits not only in his work but also in his life has the more possibility to become more successful. Learnings 1. Learn to Have the Discipline
2. Endure the trial and error process
3. Persevere and Never Give Up
4. Be confident
5. Focus on your Goal
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