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Farm to School Conference

Ridgemont Schools Best Practices - with Nutrients For Life Curriculum

Steph Jolliff

on 9 February 2016

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Transcript of Farm to School Conference

Collaboration of FFA & FCCLA
Healthy Arcade
Social Issue Art Installations
More to Come!
Healthy Lifestyles Awareness Week
Ridgemont Initiatives:
Connected to Curriculum
Linked to Common Core
Utilize Nutrients For Life Curriculum
Ridgemont Schools
Connected to Health Standards
Linked to production of high quality, nutritous food
Initiative between:
English Language Arts
Family & Consumer Science
Agricultural Education
Youth Voice
Stephanie Jolliff, Ag Ed Teacher
Kendra Pierson, FCS Teacher
Adam Wagner
Kimmie Tackett
Facebook: RidgemontSchools
Facebook: RidgemontFFA
Twitter: RidgemontFFA
Ag Ed & FFA
STEM Food For America
Connection to Common Core
Utilization of Nutrient For Life Curriculum
Healthy Arcade
Connection to Health Standards
Healthy Lifestyles Awareness Week
Connection to Health Standards
Social Art Installations
Cross-curricular connections
Listen to youth ideas
Be honest with young people (don't say you can do something you can't)
Maintain a clear system of accountability
Give youth meaningful opportunities
Provide young people with information, support, and training they need
Don't invite youth involvement and then ignore the ideas they give you

- National Service-Learning Clearninghouse
A full week of interactive, educational events during lunch
Urban Agriculture
Healthy Cookbook
All day educational event designed by FFA members to engage youth in food production
Use Nutrients For Life Curriculum
Relate agriculture to Common Core standards in grades k-6
Food For America Program
Connected to Common Core Standards - 3rd Grade
Nutrients For Life Curriculum Resource
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