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Dog Breeds

No description

Michael Gervais

on 17 July 2015

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Transcript of Dog Breeds

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
There are companion dogs
guard dogs
guide dogs
military dogs
rat dogs
rescue dogs
therapy dogs
Intro To Dog Breeds
Dog Breeds
by: Luisa

What they're bred for
producing puppies
runts are the littlest
runts sometimes
don't survive
litters are families
people called breeders breed dogs
Puppy mills are a type of breeding that is cruel and usually harms dogs
Puppy Mills?
Puppy Mills
Puppy Mill breed dogs for money, and most do not provide good care
The dogs there are usually sick
conditions are bad, sometimes dogs do not sleep in a covered area
forced to pee where they sleep
have rescued dogs who are living as strays, even if their conditions are not great, it is good for the dogs
puppy mills only raise these dogs to sell them
In some places puppy mills are illegal
Mixed Breeds
Mixed breeds/mutts
have parents of different breeds
often combine the best features in the dogs
bred for a purpose ( ex. labradoodle, a mutt that was bred to guide blind people who are allergic to dogs)

Hybrid's are bred over and over
Sometimes they are unhealthy
Lose mutt vigor
often putt in the big dog shows
Healthy vs. unhealthy
Dog Justice
A man's best friend
Thanks for watching!
Remember, breeds can be similar or different,
Dogs are very diverse,like people,
And: (listen, this is crucial)

Fun Facts
Newfoundlands have a water resistent coat and webbed feet
2 Pomeranians and 1 Pekinese survived the sinking of the Titanic, boy does it pay to be a lap dog!
its rumored that at the end of "a day in the life" the Beatles song, Paul Mcartney gave a wistle only audible to dogs for his Shetland sheepdog
Dogs are not color blind, mostly they see in gray, blue, and greenish-yellow
dogs were bred from wolves, and people kept on breeding them until they became dogs, for example Yorkshire Terrier
Dog justice for all!
Any Questions?
Fear can be unjust
"Whavv i dun tu hur 'oo?
i erry orry...
cun oo frgive me?"
Do you judge a person by its breed? Okay, so don't do it to a dog.
The notion that every man, dog, and women is created equal
whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend never owned a dog
Just kidding, but seriously, DOGS ROCK
Dogs are amazing, loyal, lovable creatures who make my, and many more, lives amazing. And, just a warning, there will be no dog
stereotypes in this prezi.

Gear & Duty
usually live happier and healthier lives
However this is usually only true for the first generation
some hybrids inherit genetic diseases like cancer,
some genetic diseases are untreatable
Its very important to feed you dog right, and their life may depend on it
while being naturally carnivorous some dogs can be allergic to meat, ojust to be safe, you should ask your vet to make sure your dogs food is safe eating
make sure you pooch is not eating to many treats, it would throw off their diet
if you notice anything strange about your dog , for instance sneezing or vomiting on a regular basis, mention it to your vet

give your dog heart worm & flea medications once a month
(or woman's)
a salute to military dogs
military dogs are very brave, and they save lives every day.
there are many types of miltary dogs
belgian mallinois
while they may look furiouse, they are very nice dogs
a movie was made about military dogs
True story
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