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A Hero's Journey for Ratatouille

No description

Sarah Resterhouse

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of A Hero's Journey for Ratatouille

The Herald: Colette
The Reward
The Roadblock
Crossing the Threshold
The Approach
Tests, Allies, and Enemies
The Ordeal
The Resurrection
Shadow: Skinner
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Ratatouille Movie Trailer
Linguini is a man living in Paris with the dream to become a famous chef. He is the mentor because he helps Remy by hiding him and not allowing him to be seen and killed. Also, he helps Remy trust his instincts.
Mentor: Linguini
Remy's father is a rat who believes humans are evil and that scavenging is the way to live life. He is known as the threshold guardian because he tries to stop Remy from pursing his dream as a chef and makes him stay with him down in the sewers.
Threshold Guardian: Remy's Father
Colette is the shapeshifter because in the beginning of the movie she is always shouting and being rude to Linguine but in the end she decides to help him and eventually falls in love with him.
Shapeshifter: Also, Colette
A Hero's Journey for Ratatouille
by: Sarah Resterhouse

Director: Brad Bird

Main Characters:
Patton Oswald as Remy
Ian Holm as Skinner
Lou Ramano as Linguini

By: Sarah Resterhouse
Remy, who is a rat from the Paris' sewers who has a strange ability to cook. Remy is the hero because he helps Linguin, whose dream is to become a famous chef, have the ability to cook.
Colette is the only girl in Chef Skinner's kitchen. She is the herald because she is always shouting at Linguine, "Keep your station clean or you will be dead." She also announces that he will be the one who will have to cook for the food critic.
Skinner is the main chef at Gusteau's the restaurant. He is also Linguine's boss. He is known as the herald because he notices Linguine acting strange and tries to found out why. Skinner eventually makes an assumption that the rat is the cook and is now out to kill Remy.
Trickster: Emile
Emile is Remy's brother. Emile likes to sit around, joke around and eat. He is the trickster because he makes the audience laugh by burping or being lazy.
Ordinary World
While Remy and his brother are sneaking into an old lady's home to find some rosemary for Remy's latest recipe, he see's chef Gusteau on t.v. Remy is intrigued by him and stares in awe. The old lady almost catches him and he realizes his love for food.
Call to Adventure
Refusal of Call
Unfortunatley, the old lady shoots at
Remy with the rifle but misses and hits the ceiling that all the rats are living in. All the rats scatter to get out of the house but Remy tries to save Gusteau's cooking book and gets separated from his family.
Meeting with the Mentor
The ordinary world begins with Remy and his community of rats living in a sewer. The rats are terrified of humans and spend their days eating trash.Remy on the other hand, is intrigued by humans and loves cook.
Remy is traveling the city by himself and runs into Gusteau's the restaurant. Remy enters and is in awe by site of all the cooking food. Skinner notices him and sends the new employee, Skinner, out to kill him. Skinner feels really bad for Remy and lets him go. Eventually Skinner realized that Remy can understand him and takes him back to his house. There, he figures out that Remy is an amazing chef and convinces him to cook with him tomorrow at the restaurant.
Once Remy is taken back to Linguines house, he climbs in Linguines hair and controls his movements to help him cook. Linguine takes him to Gusteau's and uses him to cook the food for the day.
Remy hasn't fully gotten the hang of controlling Linguine yet so he is very clumsy and Remy almost gets caught.
Linguine is an alli becuase he makes sure Remy doesn't get caught or killed. Colette is also an alli because she finds out about Remy, and also tries to keep him safe.

Skinner is Remy's enemy because he tries to find him and kill him.
Remy finds his brother again and he tries to get Remy to steal food for him from the kitchen.
Remy is convinced the allow the rats to steal from the restaurant even though Linguines number one rule is to never steal. Linguine walks in on Remy and all the other rats stealing. Linguine is furious, gets really angry with Remy and kicks him out.
Linguine forgives Remy because he knows he can't do anything without him. Remy wins back his friendship with Linguine.
Skinner believes that Linguine is the best cook ever even though its really Remy cooking. Skinner then informs Linguine that he will cook for the critic. This frightens linguine and he thinks that Remy won't be able to please the critic and he will lose his job. Remy decides to cook Ratatouille and pleases the critic.
Linguine is thrilled that the critic loves the Ratatouille but feels bad that he has taken all the credit for something that isn't his. Linguine informs everyone that Remy cooked the food.
Return to the Elixir
Remy never returns home and chooses to pursue his dream of becoming a chef at Gusteau's. Linguine, Remy, and Colette now run the 5 star restaurant.
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