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Plate Tectonics

Danny Blas, earth science, center for social justice, san diego, calif.

Danny Blas

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Plate Tectonics

Introduction to Plate Tectonics
cornell notes
earth has 3 main layers
1. inner core

1. outer core

2. mantle
3. crust,
the lithosphere, is where we live
Looking at a map of the world, you may notice that some of the continents could fit together like pieces of a puzzle
Earth’s crust is divided into 15 major plates which move in various directions
The theory of
plate tectonics:
is the unifying theory in the Study of the Solid Earth (or
the theory of PT explains "how the Earth works"
unlike other science theories, PT was "recently" developed in the 1960's & 1970's
PT theorizes that the Earth's outermost layer, the
, is broken into pieces, like a puzzle, called
Plate motion causes the plates to (a.) collide, (b.) pull apart, or (c.) rub-up against each other
When the plates "interact," they create Earth structures or “tectonic” features
The word,
, refers to the
deformation of the crust
as a consequence of plate interaction
What causes these plates to move?
Plates are moved around by the underlying hot mantle convection cells
The plates are all moving in different directions and at different speeds (from 2 cm to 10 cm per year--about the speed at which your fingernails grows)
The results of plate tectonics:
Output Page
Acrostic Poem - Plate Tectonics

An acrostic poem, sometimes called a name poem, uses a word for its subject - PLATE TECTONICS. Then each line of the poem begins with a letter from the subject word. This type of poem doesn't have to rhyme.

an image
3 sentences describing 1. What is plate tectonics?
3 sentences describing 4. What is the main cause of plate motion?
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