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Kensuke's Kingdom

No description

Leonard Soetandi

on 18 April 2016

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Transcript of Kensuke's Kingdom

By: Leon
Kensuke's Kingdom
Main Characters
Michael is one of the main characters of the story. He is also the protagonist of the story and a round and dynamic character because when he landed on the island he didn't know how to survive but near the end of the story he became a master at surviving at the island. Michael is a 12 year old boy that lives in London until his parents lose their jobs and then decided to live/sail on a boat called the Peggy Sue around the world. But on one day he went overboard and then landed on an island. For a year he has been surviving with Kensuke until his parents found him on the island and then bring him home
Kensuke's kingdom is written by Michael Morpurgo and is published on 1999. This book has 164 pages and is told in a 1st person view by one of the story's main character, Michael.
Kensuke( Dr. Kensuke Ogawa):
Kensuke is a main character of the story and also a dynamic and round character because during the story he learns how to speak english and learns to except Michael in the middle partof the story. Kensuke was a Japanese medic that worked on a japanese battleship in World War 2. He also has a family which lived in Nagasaki, his son being Michiya Ogawa.
Minor Characters
Michaels Dad: Michaels dad is a flat and static character because his personality doesn’t change throughout the story. He is also one of the minor characters in the story and works in a brickworks. He also likes calling Michael a monkey face and is also very happy/ cheerful and calm in the story. He was also the one who bought the Peggy Sue
Eddie: Eddie is a static character and is one of the minor characters in the story. He is also Michaels best friend and is a part of the Mud larks (a soccer team that Michael and his friends made.). He appears in the beginning of the story until Michael sailed to sea on the Peggy Sue. He also appears in Michael’s thoughts when he was on the island.
Stella Artois: Stella Artois is a static and one of the minor characters in the book. She is Michaels black and white sheepdog and is very energetic. Because of this in the story she helped accompanied Michael on the island and appears throughout the story,
The setting of the story mostly takes place on an island near Sydney where Michael tries to survive there for a year. But in the beginning of the story, it takes place in town where Michael lives. And then later on in the story after Michael and his family leaves to sail the Peggy Sue around the world it takes place in different parts of the world like Africa, Australia, Brazil, Etc. This happened for a few months until Michael got shipwrecked on the island.
Internal Conflict

Throughout Michael experienced a man vs self scenario because when he's on the island he misses his family and friends very much. He also has a man vs self scenario because in the middle part of the story he has in the story his emotions have a fight between each other whether or not Michael should follow Kensuke's rules and leave the island.
External conflict
In the beginning of the story the conflict was a man vs. wild scenario because Michael and Stella are trying to find food, water, shelter so they can survive on the island. But in my opinion in the middle of the story it wasn’t a conflict anymore because when Michael met Kensuke, he had everything they need to survive on the island which made it easy to survive on the island making it not a challenge/ difficulty anymore. In the beginning of the story I think that it also becomes a man vs man scenario because at that time Michael is breaking/ disobeying Kensuke's rules. But this ended because Michael learned to accept Kensuke in the middle of the story.killer men came to the island trying to kill the wildlife on the island. But this ended when the killer men left the island.
The beginning of the story starts with Michael and his family having a good life because they have fun sailing at a reservoir, Michael has a soccer team called the Mudlarks, and his parents have a job. But one day his parents got fired from their jobs at the brick works and things just get worst because the Mudlarks go disbanded because one of their members leave the town and Michael's parents keep having fights with each other. But this changed when his dad bought a boat called the Peggy Sue so they can sail around the world. So the family took lessons in sailing and finally started on their journey to sail around the world.
Rising Action # 1
After they went past Sydney the Peggy Sue got into a storm and Michael fell of the boat because he wasn't paying attention to the ship's wheel because he went looking and calling for Stella. The day after the shipwreck he awakened on a deserted island with Stella Artois.
Rising Action # 2
On the first few days of surviving on the island Michael meets Kensuke on the shore of the islands' beach wen he was putting out the fire Michael made.
Rising Action # 3
After a few months after Michael meets Kensuke the two people become friends and then they plan to get of the island by making a big fire to signal ships.
The climax of the story is when killer men came to the island to kill the wildlife there. To save the wildlife Michael and Kensuke made the monkeys go to Kensuke's home (a cave) to hide from the killer men. After the killer men left the island many gibbons died and Kensuke felt upset.
The falling action of the story happened a few days after the killer men came to the island . In this part of the story Michael saw a ship and then lighted the fire he and Kensuke built. The ship turned out to be the Peggy Sue and Michael prepared to go to his family.
Falling Action
The resolution happened when after Michael spotted the Peggy Sue coming to the shore of the island. When he went to tell Kensuke to leave with him in the Peggy Sue he declined his offer because he wanted to protect the island's wildlife if the killer men came back to the island. Before Michael went to to the boat Kensuke said goodbye to him and he made Mihael promise to not tell about this island after ten years and to always paint and think about him. After that Michael left the island with his family on the Peggy Sue
In my opinion I really like this book because the plot is very good and the ending kind of made me sad. Other than that I also like it because it is very easy to understand and is a survival story which is the genre I like. The only thing that I don't like about this book is that I wish it would be longer.
Kensuke's Kingdom. 2013. Amazon. co.uk. 1 December, 2013< http://www.amazon.co.uk/Kensukes-Kingdom-Michael-Morpurgo/dp/1405221747>.
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