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5 Major Religions

This a Project on the five major religions in the world

Jose Lopez

on 21 February 2011

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Transcript of 5 Major Religions

5 Major Religions Christianity started when jesus came to save the people from there sins and is the son of God Jesus now the secret place where jesus was born is Israel/Palestine Israel Christianity believes in God when Jesus the savior is the central figure of Christianity. Jesus's birth is celebrated Christmas. Jesus is the son of god. Jesus Himself Christianity Jesus performed many miracles through out his life. He told many about his father in heaven. The romans nailed him to a cross for saying that he was the son of God! People that Jesus endured all this pain due to all the sins of mankind. Jesus promised his disciples that he one day he would come back and bring the believers with him to heaven and have a eternal life with god. Lent is the time when christianity remember their sins
Good Friday is the day that Christianity rembers the day Jesus died to save others
Easter Sunday is the day that Christianity celebrates the day Jesus rises from the dead
Christmas is the most celebrated festival for Christianity because they celebrate the day Jesus is born
The traditions of Christianity
Is Baptism which is the day water on a persons head to wipe aways sins and to show the symbol that the person is starting a new life as Christianity
Communion is the center of worshiping God and Jesus by eating bread which the body of Jesus and wine or grape juice which is the blood of Jesus Islam Islams believe in one god Allah. They show others to worship him and him only because he is the one who creates all. Islams believe in angels such as theTwo angels (Kiraaman and Katibeen) who were assigned to record the actions of the human beings; one records good deeds, the other bad deeds.
Islams also believe in the angel of death who takes there souls out of their bodies.
Islamic practices are defined by the five pillars of Islam: faith, prayer, fasting, pilgrimage, and alms Islams believe they were born to worship the god Allah and to livem in a way that pleasing to Allah so that person my gain paradise and eternal life in the afterlife. Major holidays Ramadan is a major holiday and is not a holy day but a holy month because it is the ninth month of Muslim year; when the Qur'an was sent down for guidance to the people Festival of the breaking of the fast. This is one of the two major holidays. It marks the ending to Ramadan and is celebrated the first three days of the month of Shawwal Al-hijra: Islamic New Year. This is celebrated on the first day of Muharram. The month Muhammad emigrated from Mecca to Medina Islam originally appeared in Mecca in Saudi Arabia.
Buddhism There is no absolute god in Buddhism. Many Buddhist believe if there is volience in the world that is more evidence that there is no god. Although many Buddhist dont believe in gods the believe in semi-divine people. Sent to correct people from there wrong doing. Buddhist believed that they should follow the five precepts which says that you cant kill including animals, stealing stealing, illicit sexual relations, wrong speech (including gossiping), and drugs or alcohol. Buddhist religious leaders are usually involved in education & charity. The four noble truths
"(1) life is basically suffering, or dissatisfaction; (2) the origin of that suffering lies in craving or grasping; (3) the cessation of suffering is possible through the cessation of craving; and (4) the way to cease craving and so attain escape from continual rebirth is by following Buddhist practice, known as the Noble Eightfold Path."
Buddhist worshiping
what looks like buddhist are worshiping a statue or a image is them really paying their respects
Buddhist are told that they themselves have to overcome ignorance. So thats where meditation comes. Meditationlets one focus on whats in important. Hinduism Hindus believe in many gods but the chief of those gods is Shiva, a figure who represents the creative and destructive. Vishhnu a god who has incarnated himself many times to bring the message of on to salvation to man. Brahman is a god that is seen by many Hindus as a personal loving god, he is uninvolved with life on earth because he is said to be surpreme above all other creations Hindus believe the they will be incarnated many times before they find salvation Worshiping plays a big patrt in the Hindus lives. They believe that worshiping the gods would bring them a better chance of salvation. Certain rivers- like the gauges are thought holy and bathing in them is thought bring could carma. Holy men a highly thought of by the Hindus, if the serve them the Hindus hope that some of their holiness will rub on them so they'll be brought to salvation faster. Judaism Jews believe in god and that he works in ways that they can not comprehend and thet he had set them free from the halocaust. Jews believe that he is above all but at the same time shares his feelings with them.
Jews often look for gods approval and Many Jews believe that to have salvation you must live a life without crimes but it is said that even some of the worst people are offered a chance to have salvation in the heavens with god. Jews all though hope that one day Messaiah will one day come to earth and give eternal judgment and bring salvation to everyone. Jews believe that praying and worshiping is good. They also believe that eating and drinking without praying is like stealing gods property. A major part of worshiping is to read biblical and nonbiblical stories of god. The holocaust was a big part in history for the Jews and will never be forgotten and stories of this will be passed done to show how god helped them in small ways and then freed everyone. Judaism orginated somewhere around Sinai and Palestine http://wri.leaderu.com/wri-table2/judaism.html http://wri.leaderu.com/wri-table2/buddhism.html#intro http://wri.leaderu.com/wri-table2/hinduism.html#intro http://www.google.com/ Buddhism was orginaeted in what is now callled northeastern India or southwestern Nepal Hinduism was originated somewhere in the northern of India people don't know where exactly for sure Sources by jose lopez
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