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do not know any

collin clousing

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of P2ma

MIDDLE AGES E=Environment The weather is diffrent where you are in Europe.
cordinets are 50 degrees n and 30 degrees w. C=Culture R=Religion I=Inventions P=Politices(Goverment) The Magna Carta is a law. It has all the laws in it that people have to obey. it has 63 articles and it was named after greek paper. Some inevention are
windmills, they were used for grinding bread and flower.
Another thing is that they made the horce collar. Also the wheel plow with a blade. E=Economy The Ecomomy was diffrent then instead of money land replaced it. sometimes the king would give land for loyalty and oertection. Awhile later money started to replace land. The only religon was christianty.
there was also munks and nuns. They used knights on horceback.
Also foot solgiers.
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