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Debussy and Impressionism

EDUC 483- Elementary menthods

Ashley Young

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of Debussy and Impressionism

Claude Debussy
1862- 1918 Impressionism in France Who Was this person? Claude Debussy was one of the leaders in the French Impressionist movement. Debussy had some crazy ideas about what music should sound like. Music would not sound the same today, were it not for Debussy. One of the biggest thing Debussy developed was the whole tone scale. Whole Tone Scale?! What's the Whole tone Scale!!?? Not Whole Milk...yuck Well, what's a half tone? Keys that are right next to each other are a half-tone, or half step, apart SO...
a whole tone is when there is a skipped note in between notes FAst!
A Quiz!!! Is D to E a whole or a half tone? Lets look at the keyboard again... Normal Scale Music nerds (like your dear teacher) call this the Diatonic Scale ok... so what did Debussy do? So remember the pattern for the normal scale? Just to check, write it on your whiteboards and hold it up ALRIGHT!! W W H W W W H You guys are pros! So Debussy said to himself... SElf!
What if we made the pattern different? So he did. Debussy's pattern went... W W W W W W W One of Debussy's most famous works is called... Prelude to the afternoon of a faun When you listen to it,
imagine a movie in your head
of a baby faun in the forest. Well, wait! What do faun's do? Are there any other
fauns that you can
think of? What about this one This is one of my favorite fauns.
Everyone get in groups! In your groups, get out a sheet of paper We are going to watch the video again. This time, lets listen to the music that helps tell the story.

Write down 3 things in the music that helped tell the story of spring! This symphony tells a story of a baby faun in a clearing of a forest. So, remember our
Composer's Name? That's right! Debussy! Let's listen to his story... Pop Quiz!!!!!!
MY FAVORITE!! Take out a piece of paper and write the pattern for the Diatonic Scale

Then write the pattern for Debussy's Whole tone scale... Want some help? Lets look at the keyboard again. Start on Middle C when you are beginning your patterns. At the end of the 1800s in France, some painters thought it would be interesting start painting using a great wash of color. One of the most famous of these painters was
Claude Monet (1840-1926) One of Monet's most famous paintings is called WATERLILIES Pretty soon, these painter's musician friends put on their thinking caps and realized they could do something pretty similar in music. The type of music these composers wrote was then called IMPRESSIONISTIC MUSIC Rememeber our friends on Solfege Street? Remember that MI and FA were best friends? And remember that TI and DO were best friends? Their houses were right next to each other. Do Re MI FA So LA TI Do' Do RE MI FA So LA TI DO' If you want to see more of Monet's paintings, you will have to fly to the Louvre Museum in France.... ...Or we can all go there together by going on the Louvre's website
http://www.louvre.fr/llv/commun/home.jsp?bmLocale=en So... Wanna hear something cool? If you like the sound of Debussy's music, go to www.grooveshark.com and type in his name. You can listen to TONS of his music! This website is also great for other kids your age!
http://www.dsokids.com/listen/composerdetail.aspx?composerid=44 Before we go, lets listen to this last song that Debussy wrote for kids called The Children's Corner- Dr. Gradus ad Parnassum... yeah I know... funny name.
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