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Direct Method

No description

Enrique Romero

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Direct Method

The Direct Method Its principles have been used for many years by teachers, and just recently its been revived as a method since the grammar translation method is not very effective in teaching the students how to use the target language communicatively. Introduction Reading in the TL should be taught from the beginning of language instruction Principles Reviewing the Principles Objects help students to understand the meaning of difficult or unknown words Native language should not be used in the classroom The teacher should demonstrate NOT EXPLAIN or TRANSLATE Students should learn to think in the target language as soon as possible Syllabus based on situations or topics, not on linguistic structures Learning a language involves learning how the speakers of TL live The students should learn how to make questions and answer them Self-correction facilitates language learning Pronunciation worked on from the beginning of the language learning Lessons should contain conversational activities Lessons should use TL in real contexts Grammar should be taught inductively. No explicit grammar rules Encourage the students to speak Writing should be taught since the beginning of language instruction What are the goals of teachers who use the direct method? What is the role of the teacher? What is the role of the students? What are some characteristics of the teaching/learning process? What is the nature of student-teacher interaction? What is the nature of student-student interaction? How are the feelings of the students dealt with? How is language viewed? How is culture viewed? What areas of language are emphasized? What language skills are emphasized? What is the role of the students' native language? How is evaluation accomplished? How does the teacher respond to student errors? Reviewing the Techniques Reading Aloud Question and Answer Exercise Getting Students to Self-correct Conversation Practice Fill-in-the-blanks Exercise Dictation Map Drawing Paragraph Writing Thank you Done by: Andres Jadan
Cecilia Romero C.
Enrique Romero
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