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Dell - SCM

No description

Ray K

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of Dell - SCM

ERP Business Concept Dynamic Environment Inventory Management Customer Relationship
Management Supply Chain Management Enterprise Resource Planning Conclusion Business Concept Dynamic Environment MOORE'S LAW The number of transistors that can be placed inexpensively on an integrated circuit doubles approximately EVERY 2 YEARS Build-to-Order Why LOW inventory? Rapid changes in technology make holding inventory a huge liability. Many components lose 0.5 to 2.0% of their value per week. REDUCTION in price Higher Product QUALITY 1. 2. 3. Benefits of RFID PRODUCTION STOPS Increase visibility 2. 1. Reduce time for 3. production processes Speed up repetitive activities 4. CUT 5. Reduce returns due to wrong shipping Activate 6. 7. inventory replenishment CYCLES Pinpoint start time on warranties SCM The 'REVOLVERS' the management of flow, of raw materials to the end product, which a company uses to get products and services to its customers. Avg. 3 times per week Avg. hours 2 SUPPLIERS i 2 Supply Chain Planner IN-PROCESS INVENTORY Collaboration Planner Factory Planner Value Chain Extranet increasing the speed and quality of the information flow 80,000 per day Min Inventory 72 hours to be the most successful computer company in the world at delivering the best customer experience Mission Fast Changing 'Tiger Team' Speed and Flexibility Dellplus Dellware Differentiated Services Dell's Premier Page a website which is specifically personalized for companies and their employees Customise & Configure @ PRE-negotiated price PORTER's 5 Forces CONSTANT communication with SUPPLIERS Direct-Sales Approach Pull Strategy 10 Logistics Specialist deployed in response to 10 days LABOR STRIKE of ship-ports. WORKED round the clock Last In; First Out COMPONENTS loaded loaded NOT a single ORDER was DELAYED ARE YOU AMAZED by Dell? You should be. Just Pretend that you are. INVENTORY MANAGEMENT RFID 11% of profit NEW CUSTOMERS Premier.ap.Dell.com Offered Pre-approved Options Manages IT Standards Purchase history Delivery LOCATION INVOICE Number Purchase PRICE Customer Support Services Free tech-support APCC (Asia-Pacific Customer Center) easily access information Engineer can solve 80% of technical
problems within 10 minutes AVOID repetition 1. 2. 3. DIRECT MODEL higher inventory-turnover
lower price supply chain
immediate manufacturing DIRECT RELATIONSHIP with suppliers LEAD TIME CUSTOMER
SATISFACTION DEMAND FULFILLMENT 1. 2. 3. INQUIRING ORDERING PRODUCTION Example KOREA lead time 4 DAYS 98% 4.5 DAYS on-time delivery delivery time You should be. CONCLUSION RECOMMENDATION further CUSTOMISATION OUTSOURCING design process to the public Disintegrating the process similar to IKEA 1. 2. 3. Data Mine - Business Intelligence Pre-determined packages DIRECT-SALES failing DELLconnect "As long as [Dell] could undercut the competition, they could expand market share" $50 difference Didn't Follow Customer Trends SCM is EXCELLENT exchange product and price information
select the most suitable PC
recognizes the product they need and order it to Dell
select the most suitable PC
investigate financial issue
check if the product can fulfill customer’s need Dell makes invoice, and packing-list
hand over all authority to Transportation Company
4. PACKAGING Order information is sent to factory through a data base called SCALA
start manufacturing immediately Customer Profiling Target using Medium of pref. Measure the Results Differentiation INDIRECT MODEL Manufacturer Manufacturer Manufacturer Retailer Retailer Customer Wholesaler Wholesaler Customer Customer Manufacturer Customer 10% 20% 15% 5% 50% 100% LUCK SKILL CONCENTRATED POWER of WILL PLEASURE PAIN REASON to remember OUR NAMES Raymond Kurniawan Kim SoYeon Jeon InGeol Group 3 Q&A Kang MinGyoon DATABASE CUSTOMERS 98% Existing CUSTOMERS
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