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Hero's Journey: Lion King

No description

Veena Ganapathy

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Hero's Journey: Lion King

Departure Hero's Journey: The Lion King The Call to Adventure Master of the Two Worlds The final stages of the Hero's Quest include:
Refusal of the Return
The Magic Flight
Rescue from Without
The Crossing of the Return of the Threshold
Master of the Two Worlds
Freedom to Live Simba, having undergone a spiritual and emotional transformation, has mastered his inner and outer self. He was emotionally hurt by Scar's actions, placing the blame of Mufasa's death on himself. His transformation was aided by his acceptance by Nala and the rest of his family and the support provided by Timon, Pumba, and Rafiki. He was able to avenge his father's death and resume his rightful role, becoming well rounded in his personality and somfortable with his inner ad outer selves. The Call to Adventure
Refusal of the Call
Supernatural Aid
The Crossing of the First Threshold
The Belly of the Whale Joseph Campbell prescribed five steps within the beginning phase of a Hero's Journey: The Lion King: After Mufasa's death, a young, grief stricken and self loathing Simba runs away, meeting Timon and Pumba and growing up with them by his side. After several years, he meets a grown lioness who turns out to Nala, his best friend from the Pride Lands. Nala urges him to return to the Pride Lands to assume his righteous position as King because everyone else thinks he is dead and so that he can restore peace to the desolate kingdom that Scar has created. Refusal of the Call Supernatural Aid The Crossing of the First Threshold The Belly of the Whale After much thought, Simba finally decides to return to Pride Rock, with Timon, Pumba, Nala and Rafiki's help. He realizes that as king, he must go back to save his kingdom from Scar, the hyenas, and the devastation they brought to the Pride Lands. Initiation Rafiki, a learned and wise baboon, makes himself known to Simba. He guides Simba to make the right choice to return to Pride Rock, by making rather mysterious things happen to him. When Simba looks into a pool of water, Rafiki makes Simba see his reflection and Mufasa within him. Simba then sees and hears Mufasa from the sky advising Simba that he is not living up to his destiny as king. This gives Simba the confidence to confront his friends and family from the past and return to Pride Rock. This is Campbell's model for the meat of Hero's Journey
The Road of Trials
The Meeting with the Goddess
Woman as the Temptress
Atonement with the Father
The Ultimate Return The Ultimate Boon Simba has become king, as the king, he uses the knowledge he has gained from living with Timon and Pumba as well as his experiences to govern the Pride Lands effectively. He is able to integrate all his wisdom into his leadership in restoring peace to barren land that Scar left him. He also shows a "rise to action" in that he accepts accountability as king for anything that may happen in the Pride Lands in the future. He is ready to take the credit for anything positive or negative. Apotheosis Simba regains his power and lifts himself back onto Pride Rock. He then forces Scar to tell the crowd that it was he, Scar, who actually killed Mufasa in order to become king. After revealing this to the kingdom, he begins chasing Scar away from Pride Rock, and they battle against each other. In Scar's last attempt to save himself, he tries to place the blame on the hyenas by telling Simba that they were the enemy. Overhearing this, the hyenas become angry and go after Scar, eventually killing him. The Road of Trials Meeting with the Goddess Atonement with the Father At the same time Simba looks over Pride Rock, it becomes clear that Simba and Nala are in love. Simba realizes his love for Nala and that they will always be one and the same. Through this love, he is able to let go of his past and accept himself for who he is. Scar forces Simba to tell what actually happened to Mufasa and how he died. When Simba reveals that he responsible for Mufasa's death, the all the lions gasp and are shocked at this. Scar advances at Simba toward the edge of Pride Rock as a lightning bolt causes a fire to start beneath them, and Scar pushes Simba off the ledge, holding him only by his paws. This conjures up an image of Mufasa's death. Right in that moment, Scar reveals to Simba that he is the one who killed Mufasa, giving Simba the final jolt he needed to let go, fight, and assume his position as king. Simba doesn't refuse his return to assume his role of king. Of course, he had to undergo a tremendous a transformation before he was ready; however, after that transformation, he did not back away from it. Although Nala tries to convince Simba to return, he refuses to listen. He doesn't want to go back because he still believes that he is responsible for Mufasa's death and that he will bring shame to his family if they found out. He is embarrassed that he was too cowardly to face his friends and mother and come clean. Simba leaves "paradise" to take back the Pride Lands from Scar. He is ready to ascend the throne. He also realizes that he is leaving behind his entire childhood and lifestyle in "paradise." As Simba looks down at Pride Rock from above, he is devastated at the dilemma of his kingdom and realizes that he will have to fight Scar, who is backed by the hyenas, in order to become king. Although he doesn't want to violently take back Pride Rock, he knows that there won't be any other way. After Scar is killed, Simba is able to takes the position of king, which has eluded him for so many years. He hears his father's voice once more before he, as king, ascends the throne. The Magic Flight Simba, blessed by Mufasa and the rest of his family, becomes king, as he was supposed to have done so years ago. In spite of the pain he has felt for all these years, he becomes one with himself and without any regrets becomes king. The Crossing of the Return of the Threshold Refusal of Return Freedom to Live Simba begins his new life with Nala as his wife and with Timon and Pumba by his side. He is at peace with his father's death and looks forward to the future. The beginning part: same clip as previous slide: Situation Archetype Simba's quest is to regain his kingdom, the Pride Lands, from Scar, who had taken the role as king undeservingly. He was not the right king, as evidenced by his evil reign and the desolate, barren terrain, which once used to be lush and green.
The experience that Simba underwent was living on his own with Timon and Pumba and taking due time to ponder the death of his father. When he sees Nala and meets Rafiki, when they make clear the reasons for which he needs to return to Pride Rock, and when Scar reveals that he is the one who killed Mufasa, Simba has officially completed his transformation and is ready to take the kingdom back.
As tradition holds, good triumphs over evil. Simba, representing the good defeats Scar, who is evil. The arid, lifeless kingdom that Scar left Simba was remedied into a lush, life filled Savannah. Character Archetypes Simba is a strong, courageous male, who is a king and has endured much pain and sorrow due to Mufasa's death.
The helpers: Timon, Pumba, and Rafiki all aid in Simba's journey to retake the Pride Lands. Timon and Pumbe go on to become his sidekicks once Simba is king.
The gatekeeper: Simba's memories, doubts, and fears serve as gatekeepers because they all give him reasons to stay away from the Pride Lands. He is too scared to face his fears.
The fool/trickster: Timon and Pumba fit this role since they are always cheering Simba up and cracking jokes.
The holy/wise man: Rafiki is the wise man, both in a spiritual and moral sense. He shows a display of supernatural powers when he makes Mufasa appear before Simba.
The devil: Scar represents this role, since he is the one who killed Mufasa and lied about it. He is clearly the bad guy.

Symbol Archtypes Water vs. Desert:
After Mufasa's death, Simba is seen lying motionless in the middle of the desert. It is clear he has lost hope and is traumatized by his father's death. When Timon and Pumba find him, they take Simba to a pond inside a lush forest, symbolizing hope that Simba will recover and eventually return.
Supernatural Intervention:
When Nala urges Simba to return to Pride Rock, Simba is discontent and refuses to listen to her advice. Rafiki, his supernatural aid, steps in to knock some sense into him and help him take down Scar.
Black: We see a lot of black when Scar's kingdom is shown. Everything is dead. There are skulls and bones lying around. There is absolutely no food. This represents evil and death.
Green: We see green in Timon and Pumba's "paradise." This is where Simba grows up and gets rejuvenated, presenting a hopeful future in which he will be strong enough to return to Pride Rock.
Red: When Scar ans Simba battle for control over the Pride Lands, there is fire in the background and a lot of red. This reinforces the bloody and violent nature of their interactions. Recap The Hero's Journey is followed almost exactly in The Lion King, even though it begins rather late into the movie, as Simba loses his father, runs away in shame, and returns to the Pride Lands to reclaim his spot as king.
The hero, Simba in this case, grows into a stronger person by overcoming his/her past.
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