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Patterns of Development: Division Classification

No description

Jessica Allio

on 8 February 2016

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Transcript of Patterns of Development: Division Classification

With your group, write a response to the following prompt:

Quick Write
How to Write a Division/Classification Essay
Step 1: Think clearly!
How to Write a Division/ Classification Essay
Step 2: Include all parts of the subject being divided
What is Division/Classification?
Breaking down a subject into its types
To discover the nature of a subject by studying its parts and their relationship to the larger whole

Readings for Writers
Patterns of Development: Division Classification
Divide each of the following subjects into as many categories as possible:

1) Books
2) Clothing
3) Music

If you leave anything out, your classification is incomplete

How to Write a Division/ Classification Essay
Step 3: Avoid the overlapping of categories
Here's an example of an overlap:
Short Story
Humor (this is not a genre, but a characteristic)
Your Homework
Read and annotate "The Extendable Fork" and answer the questions on the last page of the packet
Read and annotate "Rapport-Talk and Report-Talk" and answer the questions on a separate piece of paper.
Be sure to identify the PALS in each article.
We will be doing Socratic Circles tomorrow, so come prepared to discuss the articles using the questions.

Base your sorting on a single principle
Example: If the topic is works written by Samuel Johnson, which of these doesn't fit?
Samuel Johnson's poetry
Samuel Johnson's prose
Samuel Johnson's dictionary
Boswell's Life of Johnson
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