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possesed prezi

its supposed to have the world map template

justin lewis

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of possesed prezi

On A World Map...
Here are some maps of Egypt in case you forget what Egypt looks like.
ps. did you find the seahawk?
Egypt would be
right here.
Cairo would be about here.
interesting factoids
Cairo is the capital of modern Egypt.
Cairo is the capital of north African country of Egypt
it is one of the largest city in the world.
Egypts economy is excepted to grow four present in 2009
the ancient egyptians thought of dividing Egypt into two lands
not to scale
Alexandria would be right about here
It has a special fort that looks like this
the egyptians city of Alexandria was the greek successor of Athens
Alexandria was located between the Mediterranean sea and lake Mareatis.
Used to be the home of The Library Of Alexandria.
the Nile river
This little area will be all about the _______ Kingdom, And some of the rolls people had in society
The scribes are ancient egypts writers
Usually men
Would go to a school to learn hieroglyphics.
Most often only the children of scribes would learn
Could take 4 or 5 years to get through scribe school
This private area will inform you about ancient Egypt's economics.
nile trade facts
ancient egypt export
hehe smiley face
trade route
guess what

i made a new prezi and i can copy paste stuff to it
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