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The Outsiders Final Assignment

No description

Drew S

on 27 May 2016

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Transcript of The Outsiders Final Assignment

The life lessons I learned from this novel is that friendship is very important and is sometimes hard to find because of all of our differences.
Life Lessons
S.E Hinton's Target Audience
I think that S.E Hinton's target audience is teenagers because the story is about a group of teenagers.
Figurative language and literary terms
S.E Hinton uses multiple different literary devices to enhance her book.
Relating to a character
The character I believe I relate to the most is Ponyboy. Also I think I relate a bit to Two-bit as well.
By Drew
The Outsiders Final Task
The Theme of the Story
I think the theme of the story is friendship.
Aspects of Teenage Life
I think that aspects of teenage life S.E Hinton portrayed well were....
I think that aspects of teenage life S.E Hinton did not portray well were....
Life Motto and questions
If Johnny had a life motto I think it would be: "You can't always choose your destiny"

And if I could ask questions to Johnny they would be:
Why did you decide not to let your mother see you in the hospital?
What is it like being ignored and hated by your parents?
Why did you stab Bob when you could’ve shown them the knife and just would have scared them off without killing anybody?
Event In Soc's view
If I could describe an event in a Soc's point of view I would choose the time where Pony and Johnny got jumped by Bob and his gang.
Comparing the Movie and the Novel
Don't mention Pony's parents
It starts raining during the fight
Dally hits him on the back instead of the head
Doesn't show Ponyboy at school failing after Johnny's death
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