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Gender Differences

No description

Ben O'Hearn

on 28 October 2015

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Transcript of Gender Differences

Gender Differences
Men Want Sex, Women Want Relationship
Where do all the women sleeping with these guys come from? Should it be difficult for men to find so many willing partners? As theorist Hanna Kokko noted, it takes two to tango.
Based on the ratio of gender difference in an environment, different desires come about for both sexes. More men, less women: men seek long term, loving relationships.

More women, less men: men seek multiple tango-ers.

This runs vice versa
Identical twins come from the same egg so they have the same genome, meaning their DNA is the exact same. While their DNA remains the same, twins environments constantly are different from one another. Researchers can use twin studies to determine how genes and environment affect disease susceptibility and different traits.
Fraternal Twins
Unlike identical twins, fraternal twins are created from two different eggs. Meaning they only have half the same DNA. Researchers use fraternal twins in twin studies to find out how genes and environments affect specific traits.
Identical Twins
New Gender Differences Findings in Depression
Men and women have different experiences while dealing with depression in relationships

The study done by 3 Israeli researchers concluded depressed females lose their empathic accuracy while men do not

Empathetic Accuracy is how accurately one person can infer the thoughts and feelings of another person
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