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Family Literacy Night

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Tiffany Jones

on 21 June 2013

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Transcript of Family Literacy Night

Title I
Literacy Night

Thursday, May 30th
Reading With Your Child
Reading With Your Child
"Just Right" Books
This Presentation can be publicly accessed at:
Barnes & Noble
"Imagination Destination"
Summer Reading Program
Woodin Elementary's
Summer Pen Pals Program
Visit The School Library
During the Summer!
The Public Library
is a Wonderful, Free Resource.
Statistics courtesy of http://www.scholastic.com/summer/
Children are provided with 8 books at their reading level to read throughout the Summer. After reading a book, they write a letter to their teacher pen pal telling what the book was about.

Participants read books and record the title and author and write a recommendation in a journal provided by Barnes & Noble. After 8 reading books, participants will receive a prize of a FREE BOOK. Journals and prize books are available in both Spanish and English.
Logic Puzzles
Brain Boosters: http://school.discoveryeducation.com/brainboosters/#logic

Scholastic Hangman: http://teacher.scholastic.com/scholasticnews/games_quizzes/hangman/index.asp

Madlibs Jr.:

Educational Games:
Children as Communicators
Teach your child conversational conventions:
taking turns
not interrupting
appropriate volume
eye contact
Get Involved!
Software Programs
Ways you can work on communication at home.
Did You Know?
Read to your child everyday. Make reading a warm and relaxed part of your daily routine. Encourage independent reading for enjoyment in older readers.
Spend time talking about the meaning of stories and retelling them together.
Involve your child in a summer reading program.
Encourage your child to select materials that they are interested in.
Be sure your child sees your family members reading for enjoyment and information.
information courtesy of nsd.org
Information courtesy of nsd.org
Studies show that making sure there are always interesting books at home can increase the likelihood of a child becoming a frequent reader.
In sounding out words, break larger words down into simpler, smaller words or sounds they are familiar with
Have your child follow along with the text with their finger, especially if they tend to lose track of their place or are guessing words
Encourage rereading, self correction and slowing down at difficult parts
•Identify literary elements of the book he or she is reading, such as plot, characters, and setting
•Keep a dictionary nearby to look up interesting words they don’t know and use phonetics to sound them out
•Have discussions with your child to connect previous experiences and background knowledge to what they read
Most Importantly...
Talk Talk Talk!
Information courtesy of nsd.org
Statistics courtesy of http://www.scholastic.com/summer/
King County Library Locations:
Bothell, Kenmore,Woodinville, Lake Forest Park and Shoreline
Summer Hours:
Every Wednesday,
11:30AM - 1:00PM
Talking leads to vocabulary building and articulation.
Good communication skills will enable your child to become a better reader.
Story Time: 12:15PM-1:00PM
Sign your child up for a library card today!
Kids can access Mimio and Raz-Kids software over the summer from home or the school library.
Model good listening skills.
Play board games that require conversation (Yahtzee, Monopoly, Scrabble).
Teach your child when and how to properly answer the phone.
Ask them about their opinions ( books, games, television shows, etc).
Children as Communicators
Ways you can work on communication at home.
Strategies for Younger Children
Support Your Child as a Reader
Children should be reading books that are "just right": not too easy and not too hard. Use the "5 Finger Rule" to determine that your child's book choices are just right.
Strategies for Older Children
Have daily discussions about books, interests, and everyday life.
"Dig into Reading" Summer Reading Program: Track reading minutes and receive prizes at 500 and 1000 minutes.
Thanks for Coming!
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