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Copy of NCBTS-Social Regard for Learning

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Apasra Somo

on 1 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of NCBTS-Social Regard for Learning

National Competency-Based Teacher Standards
First Domain:
Social Regard for Learning

The SRFL domain focuses on the ideal that teachers serve as
positive and powerful role models
of the value in the pursuit of different efforts to learn. The teacher's action, statements, and different types of social interactions with the students exemplify this ideal.
Strand 1.1
Teacher’s Actions demonstrate
value for learning
Strands of
Desired Teaching
-implements school policies and procedures
The teacher ...
-maintains appropriate appearance
-demonstrates punctuality
-is careful about the effect of
one’s behavior on students
-shows respect for other person
and their ideas
Strand 1.1 Teacher’s Actions
demonstrate value for learning
Article XI: The Teacher as a Person
Section 1: A teacher is, above all, a human being endowed with life for which it is the highest obligation to live with dignity at all times whether in school, in the home, or elsewhere.
Section 2: A teacher shall place premium upon self-discipline as the primary principle of personal behavior in all relationships with others and in all situations.
Section 3: A teacher shall maintain at all times a dignified personality which could serve as a model worthy of emulation by learners, peers and all others.
Section 4: A teacher shall always recognize the Almighty God as guide of his own destiny and of the destinies of men and nations.
Code of Ethics
Know school policies and procedures
Understand school operations
Inform students, parents and other concerned persons regarding school policies and procedures
Abide by school policies and procedures
Possess awareness on the implementation
of “time on task” in all responsibilities
Demonstrate punctuality in accomplishing
expected tasks and functions
Model the value of punctuality or being on time
Know appropriate appearance and
decorum of teachers
Maintain appropriate appearance and
decorum on all occasions
Value appropriate appearance and
decorum expected of teachers
Know the concepts and principles of social
Show appropriate behavior as example to my
Apply knowledge on social learning in dealing with
Consider the influence of my behavior that has on students
-implements school
policies and procedures
-is careful about
the effects of
one's behavior
on students
-maintains appropriate appearance
Act as a
positive role
model for
Key Question
for the Teacher
Can my students appreciate
and model the value of learning
through my interactions
with them?
for the
Can my students see and appreciate
the value of pursuing learning by
looking at my various actions
and statements in the classroom?
Can my students see and appreciate
the value of exerting effort to learning
by looking at my various actions and
statements in the classroom?
Do I demonstrate and exemplify
the values of learning and efforts
in the various actions and statements
I make in front of my students?
7 Domains
1. Social Regard for Learning
2. Learning Environment
3. Diversity of Learners
4. Curriculum
5. Planning Assessing & Reporting
6. Community Linkages
7. Personal Growth &
Professional Development
-show respect
for other persons
and their ideas
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