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France Under Louis XIV

No description

Scott Phillips

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of France Under Louis XIV

France Under Louis XIV
Religious Wars
French Protestants
1562-1598: Eight religious wars were fought between French Catholics and Huguenots
1589: Huguenot Henry IV becomes King of France.
Edict of Nantes (1598)
: declared Huguenots could live in peace in France and worship freely.
Some hates his compromises- stabbed to death by a fanatic in 1610.
Louis XIII and Cardinal Richelieu
Cardinal Richelieu: became ruler of France as Louis XIII's Chief Minister
Louis was 13 when he took the throne
Moved against Huguenots- did not trust Protestants (forbade Protestants from having cities with walls)
Began the 30 Years' War to limit Austrian/Spanish power.
Louis XIV Comes to Power
Known as the "Sun King"
Reigned for 72 years.
Becomes king at age 4 in 1643.
France led by Cardinal Mazarin while Louis XIV was young
Hated by French Nobility for increasing taxes and strengthening central government.
Louis XIV in Power
At 22, Louis takes full control of France
Weakened Nobles, strengthened the power of government officials.
Jean Baptiste Colbert: Minister of Finance
In less than six years a debt of 22 million French pounds had become a surplus of 29 million.
Louis canceled Edict of Nantes
Many skilled Huguenot artisans and businessmen flee.
Builds Palace of Versailles
Would cost $2.5 billion today
Demonstrated wealth, power and glory of France.
10,000 people lived and worked at Versailles
Having nobles at the palace:
Increased their dependency on Louis XIV.
Took them from their homes, giving power to government officials.
Royal attention determined whether a noble succeeded of failed.
Louis Fights Disastrous Wars
Louis attempted to expand French borders
Europe unites against France
Constant war, poor harvest and taxes all led to French suffering.
Death and Legacy
Brilliant cultural period.
Warfare and building Versailles created staggering debt.
Corrupt, tax system was not changed.
Nobility AND peasantry (most of France) want change in system -> revolution on the horizon.
Palace of Versailles
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