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What's a "Green School," Anyway?

Defining and discussing the Green School movements and focusing on an application

Paul Boyer

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of What's a "Green School," Anyway?

Exactly what is a "green school," anyway? The supplies your school uses and many of its practices affect the environment in and around your school, your community and even the rest of the world. We found some problems with the way our school was doing things. That doesn't mean you'll find the same ones. But you can learn from our experience, and be on the lookout. Your School, Your Health and the Environment Maybe you could start by touring other schools to learn about potential problems and solutions to them? What YOU Can Do Then investigate your own school. If you discover an environmental or health problem, you can use our examples and advice to help solve it. School teachers and staff can help to keep your school running smoothly—without hurting your health or the environment. For example, they can find ways to keep bugs away without using chemical pesticides. Can you think of others? See the fact sheets, packed with information for the people who run your school. What Your School Can Do Kids can do a lot to make your schools, your communities and the world, a better place. Be sure to study the Green Squad fact sheets to find out how, starting with a guide for kids on starting your own Green Squad. (Some things appear in more than one category because many things in the environment are closely related.) And the library also has a special section with some of the best websites where kids can study the environment. In the library, the other fact sheets are organized according to the part of the environment they affect the most. The categories are Air, Water, Health and Planet. Air Fact Sheets In these fact sheets you'll learn about air pollution and ways to keep the air cleaner and protect people's health. (Global warming comes from air pollution, and global warming affects everything!)

* Diesel School Buses
* Kids in Action
* Schools, Lighting and Daylight
* Saving Energy in Schools
* Saving Paper in Schools
* Solar Energy in Schools Water Fact Sheets
In these fact sheets you'll learn about water pollution and ways to keep our water cleaner and protect people's health.

* Drinking Water in Schools
* Kids in Action
* Painting Schools
* Pesticides and Schools
* Saving Paper in Schools
* Schools and Cleaning Products
* Schools and Water Efficiency In these fact sheets you'll learn about actions that can harm forests, wildlife habitat and other natural resources, and ways you can save and protect them instead.

* Renovating Schools
* Schools and Waste
* Drinking Water in Schools
* Kids in Action
* Saving Paper in Schools Planet Fact Sheets http://www.epa.gov/reg5rcra/wptdiv/p2pages/school.pdf http://www.nrdc.org/greensquad/default.htm
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