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"Soldier" By: Gavin Degraw

No description

marisa huerta

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of "Soldier" By: Gavin Degraw

"Soldier" By: Gavin Degraw
Presented By: Tehya Horbach

The Theme of this song to me is Everlasting Love, and how it is a feeling that can not be broken. It is a feeling that no decision, person, or object can stop. The poetic devices help convey the theme by helping the writer express his feelings in such a way that makes you really think about how a Man should be in a relationship. "When you get worried I'll be your soldier" is the main statement in this poem that relates to how a love can be so strong that a man is willing to risk his life for you. The theme relates to the title "Soldier" by basically stating that he will be her protector no matter what.
Stanza 2: "Afraid of what they might lose, might get scraped or they might get bruised. You could beg them, whats the use? That's why it's called the moment of truth."

Meaning:Your going to get hurt either way so what's the point in denying the truth.
Stanza 7: My aim is so true, I wanna show you, I'll try forever, I'm never gonna say "surrender"

Meaning: He is not going to stop loving her and he will never "surrender" to their love.
Poetic Devices
1. Simile -"Trying to be still like a stone"
2. Rhyme -"My aim is so true, I wanna show you"
3. Consonance -"I know you don't believe it, but i said it and i still mean it"
4. Hyperbole - "when the world's spinning out of control"
5. Couplet - "Afraid of what they might lose, might get scraped or they might get bruised"
Stanza 1: "Where did all the people go? They got scared when the lights went low. I'll get you through it nice and slow, when the world's spinning out of control"

Meaning: Someone being there for you when you have nothing left and you are lost emotionally.
Stanza 3: "I'll get it if you need it, I'll search if you don't see it, You're thirsty I'll be your rain, you get hurt I'll take your pain. I know you don't believe it, but i said it and i still mean it, when you heard what i told you, when you get worried I'll be your soldier.

Meaning: No matter what he will be there for her and he will be whatever she needs.
Stanza 5: Hiding here, hiding there, Find them underneath the stairs, people hiding everywhere, Trying to be still like a stone.

Meaning: People are hiding emotionally from the truth.
Stanza 6:


Stanza 8:


Stanza 4: "Funny when times get hard, at the last moment when you're supposed to charge, Always on the longest yard, Oh, they feel their feet getting cold"

Meaning: When times get hard people are indecisive about what choices to make so they try not to do anything about it.
Stanza 9: "I'll be your soldier, well I'll be, Oh I'll be your soldier, I'll be your soldier I'll be your soldier".

Meaning: He will be her love and he will always be her protector.
Speaker, Setting, and Tone
Speaker - The speaker is a man who has everlasting love for a women and he is willing to do /be whatever she needs.
Setting - Is war, because it symbolizes how he is willing to put himself out there for her no matter what even if that means dying.
Tone - Romantic
Song w/ Lyrics
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